Monday, March 4, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

Our weekend started off with a birthday dinner for Ryan's brother, Austin. We went to one of those japanese places where they make the food in front of you.. and Ryan and I decided to sit across the table from Ellie. We were dying because she was making the BEST faces.. she was amazed with the chef making the food, then we would catch her day dreaming and staring off into space... This picture that I got of her kills me! I wonder what she is day dreaming about?? ;)

Friday was "Employee Appreciation Day" in the office. My co-worker/friend Annie (who made our fabulous wedding cakes) happens to be the most crafty person on this planet and made this cute display for all the employees to see as they came into the office on Friday! Ryan was soaking it all up, going around to everyone ALL day saying how much he appreciated everyone.... bahahah

 "Mommy, let's take a picture together" -Ellie

We have a new obsession in our household... Ryan and I started Rock climbing a couple of months ago, and have been hooked ever since! We go to the indoor rock climbing gym just about every other day during our lunch break. It is so addicting! And it is such a fun thing to do with your spouse. We already bought stuff to go outside once it gets warm enough. 

 Saturday, we decided that we wanted to try and get Ellie into it.  We weren't sure how she would like it.. she gets pretty scared of things easily and it takes her a while to get comfortable with something.
We put her in this tiny, cute harness, and let her swing around in the harness for a while to let her feel  comfortable with me holding her weight so that she wouldn't fall. Daddy climbed right beside her and helped her along the way. She was unsure about it at first, but by the end, she was bouldering all by herself without a rope on! We are going to try and take her all the time now..... I am thinking that I might put her in rock climbing lessons instead of dance lessons! It was the cutest thing--

This is a random picture... and maybe a little too much for the blog, but I HAD to show it... Ellie is getting pretty good at going potty by herself. But her faces KILL me! I seriously laugh so hard everytime she goes to the bathroom..... get it, Ells! hahahah

We played with lots of cousins this weekend!

We baby sat these cute little nuggets!! They are gettings so big!

God bless those girl scouts...... These things are heavenly!

I ordered a new swim suit and it came in the mail! I LOVE it.... I got it at Top Shop. I think the one-piece has sold out... but they have a matching 2-piece that is do die for.

What do you think??

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. your swim suit is sooo nice. I've booked a summer beach holiday so I'm really into swimsuits right now, looking every where for a pretty new one. And how cute is Ellie on the rocks !? Forget dance classes, when my daughter turned 2 I sent her to football lessons (hehe)

  2. that first photo is too adorable! and that swimsuit is aaamazing! :)