Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Sayings

Ellie is coming up on 3 1/2 years old! Lately I have just LOVED hanging out with Ellie. My favorite thing to do is ask her random questions while we drive around in the car. She comes up with the BEST answers!
Here are some Ellie quotes from the month of March:

We were walking down the street to my brother in-law's house, I was carrying a salad bowl and Ellie was carrying a toy. As we were walking, she says cheerfully, "I'm a neighborhood girl!"

I gave Ellie a piece of an orange pepper and after she took a bite, she said, "MMMMMM!!! This makes my life healthy and TRUE!"

Ryan was changing Ellie's diaper and was putting some cream on a rash that was on her bum. He asked, "How's your bum feeling today, sweetie?" (meaning the rash) and she responded with "ummm a little poopy."

We were driving in the car and Ellie was reading a book on her lap. I rolled down the windows to get some fresh air and she said, "The sky is turning my pages, momma!"

We were in Moab and our friend Steve was asking her questions and she was being so funny. He asked, "How many fingers does Elmo have?" and she responded "Six". Steve then said, "What would YOU do if you had six fingers?" and she quickly responded, "I would dress up like Elmo."  --witty, right?!?

Walking around the red rocks in St. George and she slipped a little bit and then said, "It's a slippery day!"

"The flowers smell like roast beef!"

We were sitting in church when Ellie noticed a balloon at the top of the ceiling of the auditorium. She turned to me and said, "I want Jesus to help me get that balloon!"

Ellie pointed to her bike and asked me, "Who got that bike for me?" Then I said "Santa got that for you. The REAL Santa did!" and Ellie paused for a moment and got really close to my face with a straight face and whispered with squinty eyes, "You're a LIAR."    . . . . -I was so confused and taken aback when she said that.... then it dawned on me that the night before, Ellie watched THIS scene over and over again from the movie Elf. So that is where she got that from-- SO FUNNY!

I made Ellie some alphabet chicken nuggets and told her that I chose some letters to spell a word and that she would have to guess what word I spelled. I said, "It has three letters....and the word starts with the letter F."  Then she burst out, "ROCK CLIMBING!"    hahah... uhh, close?

"Let's have a quesadilla party!!"

Ryan was in New Orleans for a weekend, so the first night he was gone, I was lonely and decided to bring Ellie into my bed to sleep. The first thing she said when she woke up in my bed was, "Where's daddy? I want to cuddle that guy"

At daycare, they served taco salad for lunch. When the teacher brought Ellie her food, she looked sad and confused. The teacher said, "What's wrong, Ellie?" and she said, "There's no tacos in this salad!"

When I picked Ellie up for the day, her teacher was explaining to me that she sort of got in a "cat fight" with a boy in the class. And Ellie blurts out, "What if cats had kid fights? That would be so silly!"   Witty again!

I took Ellie to one of my doctor's appointment, and while the nurse was taking my blood pressure, Ellie leans over to me and whispers "You're so patient, momma"

Ellie and Cody had balloons in their hands, and Ellie said "We are so lucky to have balloons! ....And I'm so lucky to have TWO dads!!!"  :)

"I love you like....TARGET!"

"I had a dream that I was a princess and lived in Salt Lake!"

I told Ellie that her new shoes were called "Hightops" and she went around telling everyone that she was wearing "Laptops"


  1. hahaha " i love you" i should use that one..i do love me some target! so cute!

  2. so so funny! I seriously read these Ellie posts like 4 times in a row to try and absorb all the humor. love her!