Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Sayings

We are so in love with our spunky little Ellie... she has the funniest little personality, and is getting so old! 
February was filled with great Ellie quotes :)

Me- "I need to get a bandaid because I cut myself."
Ellie- "Oh you cut yourself?!? Well done!"

Ellie was in timeout for saying "Stupid". Grandpa walked over to her and said, "Are you in timeout because you said a bad word?" And she just folded her arms, scowled, and said "STUPID".  Then Grandpa said, "You know, there is only one thing that we can call stupid, do you know what that word is?" And Ellie said without skipping a beat, "TIMEOUT. Becuz timeout is STUPID"

Ellie was saying bye to Grandpa and she yelled to him, "I'll miss you too much like butterflies!"

"My foot hurts because I ate lots of peanut butter and jelly samwiches."

The morning of Ryan's birthday, she crawled into bed with him and whispered to him, "You're my birthday boy" :)

Ellie said to me one day in the car, "You like it when I call you Michelle, and I liked it when you call me Ellie Mae Schwen!"

Me- "What did you do at Dada's house?"
Ellie- "I didn't play at Dada's. I was by myself."
Me- "Oh, were you playing  by yourself at Dada's house?"
Ellie- "No, I was at Target playing with the suckers with all the friends."

After a tantrum, Ryan said to her jokingly, "Ellie,  are you a little bipolar sometimes?"
 And Ellie said back, "no, YOU'RE a polar bear!!!!"

"If you kiss a prince, that will be YUCKY!!!"

"That movie was SO WILD!!"

She was telling us the story of Peter Pan and she referred to Shmee as "The little human"

"Can I go rock climbing with my church friends??"