Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Work trip to California!

The company I work for, Acumen Learning, got to go on a trip to California! Everyone worked so hard last year to hit their stretch goal, that we were granted a trip away from the snow, to the sunshine and sand. 
No kiddies were allowed on this trip, so it was fun to get to know everyone better including their spouses. 
We had a blast!

Our amigos Annie & Kellen

Disney Land was magical.... we felt slightly guilty for not bringing Ellie with us.

Captain EO!!

Huntington Beach, CA

Ry, Me, & my father-in-law... Disney Land wasn't fun at all.

the view from our hotel room...sigh....

Kellen makes awesome faces

Soaking up some Sunshine

How cute is this little bottle of Tabasco sauce? and the creeper behind it is pretty cute too

nothing better than a book + the beach

The whole Acumen Learning gang!

I found Orlando Bloom on the beach and he gave me a smooch... it was crazy.