Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Since Ryan's birthday is on Valentine's Day, we usually celebrate V-day on the weekend before Valentine's Day.. because I want his birthday to be all about HIM! 
So this year for Valentine's Day, we bagged the gift-giving and went and got couple's massages. Then we went to get sushi. It was such a low key, fun, day with no last minute stressing about getting each other cheesy & over-priced gifts. It was perfect for us!

We wanted to get Ellie something for V-day, and thought that a heart locket necklace with our family picture inside would be cute. She ended up LOVING it! (if you can't tell by her reaction below)

I am one lucky girl to have these two as my Valentine's this year!!

I wanted to surprise Ryan with pictures of Ellie. We framed one and wrapped it up for him for Valentine's Day.  Amanda Hendrickson took these adorable pictures, and I honestly don't know how we got so many cute ones! Ellie was such a grump during this photo shoot, and I had to bribe her with countless things. She was breaking roses in half, jumping all around, and I thought for sure we wouldn't get any decent pictures back... but with Amanda's amazing photography skills, we got some cute ones! hooooorraayyy. The things we go through to get cute pictures of our kids, right? 


  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the one of Ells putting lipstick on you. So girly!

  2. Seriously, these pictures are the cutest!