Friday, February 15, 2013

Ryan's Birthday surprises!

We celebrated Ryan's 24th birthday a little early this year with a Jazz game and dinner. We were planning to have a nice sit-down dinner before the game, but because we realized when we got up there that we forgot our Jazz tickets, we ended up having to have someone run to our house and take pictures of the tickets so that we could show the ticket office. We ended up going through the Crown Burger drive through and running down the street to make it to the game in time, while shoving mushroom swiss burgers into our mouths. 
Running while eating burgers = not the best combo.

But the game was a blast! Jazz ended up beating OKC by a long run.

ANNNDDDD not to mention that I was looking at the Jumbo screen during a timeout and happened to see Ryan and I on the screen! I hit him with my hand as I yelled, "HONEY!" and pointed up to the screen. We both instantly did the craziest dance moves we could think of for our 5 seconds of fame. 
It was epic.

On his actual Birthday, the office planned a surprise silly string/nerf gun attack on Ryan when he walked in. It was soooo funny when he looked up and saw our Grandma armed with silly string and shooting him. He yelled shockingly, "Grandma!!"  
This was definitely one of the better employee birthday attacks.

Ryan has always mentioned how his "dream birthday party" would be a giant Cereal Fest with Star Wars everywhere and everyone in their pajamas.

well...... I decided to make his dreams come true this year :)

I texted all of his friends and had them take him out for wings, then come back to our place to a "Surprise" It worked better than I expected! He was so surprised. We had people in pajamas, and everyone brought a box of cereal. It was perfect. Even Ellie stayed up late to join in the fun. Who doesn't like a little late night cereal fest?!?

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!! I don't know what I would do without Ryan in my life. He is so easy to love and he is the best man for me & Ellie to have for ever and ever. 
I Love you, Ryan Marvin Cope!

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  1. ha the cereal bar is genius! I love this and I love that you actually did what he would consider to be a dream b-day party. You make me so excited to get married someday, ha you guys are so cute together.