Friday, February 1, 2013

January Sayings

A new year of quotes from our favorite 3 year old! She is getting bigger by the day, and talks so much. My favorite thing to do with her is to just talk to her in the car as we drive around. 
She says the funniest things!

One night she was feeling sick and she said to me, "I want my momitor. " (Thermometer)

Ellie yelled downstairs to Grandpa and said, "I'm going to come down there grandpa! I'll be honest!"

Ryan's mom was babysitting Ellie so that Ryan & I could go out to dinner, and as we were leaving she yelled to us, "Be careful not to slip out there!"

I had just painted Ellie's nails, but she wanted some cereal. So I told her that I would spoon feed her the cereal so that she could place her hands on the table for her nails to dry. As I am spoon feeding her cheerios, she said to me, "You are REALLY GOOD at babysitting me!"

I woke up around 5:30 am and heard talking coming from Ellie's room. I peeked in there and saw Ellie sitting indian style on the floor with her arms folded, and a stern look on her face. She was saying, "I HATE my bed. I HATE sleeping."

Ellie was jumping off the couch and doing some tricks, when she fell and hit her head. She got up and said, 
"I almost hurt my head" and smiled.

I went upstairs and smelled the familiar smell of a poopy diaper. Ellie just looked at me and said, "It smells like someone pooped their pants"

Ellie kept waking up during the night, and on the 4th time that she woke up in the middle of the night, she shrugged her shoulders and said to Ryan, 
"Daddy....I'm just not very good at sleeping...."

"My feet are itchy when I poop, momma"