Thursday, January 3, 2013

December sayings

December flew by!.... and with lots of Ellie quotes every now and then. 
This girl is so hilarious and definitely entertains us with her random jibber jabber!


We went and saw Santa at the mall and the second she saw him she squealed, "OHHhhh! He is SO CUTE!"

Ellie was wearing her Skeleton jammies and while looking at herself in the mirror said, "Oh hello Ellie Skellie!"

Ellie woke up to find Connie the Elf (she named him herself....) on top of the t.v. She exclaimed, "Oh, what the heck?!?!"

Ellie was going potty on the big potty, and she passed some gas... she smiled and said, "I just love my toots"

"Katy Perry is my best friend and I want to dance to her song!!"

I put Ellie in time-out, and she was NOT happy about it... She started yelling her version of profanities at me.  "CHOCOLATE POOP!.......CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM POOP!!" When Daddy put her in time out a different time, she yelled at him, " POOPY DADDY BUM!!"

"You cleaned my toy room momma?! It looks SO lovely!"

"Daddy? Will you tell me the story of the three little pigs and Jesus?"

"Baby Jesus is so cute! I want to meet her someday."

We got a baby sitter while we went out, and she said to the sitter, "You're my honey bear"

Ryan's little sister's name is Noelle...and one night I asked Ellie if she wanted me to sing her a new Christmas song called The First Noel. Every night after that, she asked me, "Can you sing me Noelle's first birthday song?"

Ellie and Papa (Ryan's dad) were sitting down on the couch to watch a movie together, and Ellie said to him, "I'm gonna cuddle on you, little guy!"

Ellie accidentally kicked Ryan in the face...and she just shrugged her shoulders and said, " My foot just gave you a little kiss, Daddy"

It was really sunny and bright one day, and Ellie said to me, "Mommy, I want the sun to leave me alone."

Ellie- "What's that, Mommy?"
Me- "It's Diet Coke"
Ellie- "Oh, it's for Diarrhea?"

We were driving past Trafalga mini golf course that has a big tower in it, and Ellie points and yells, "OH! I want to get married in that castle! And you can be the King, Daddy! And you can be the Queen, mommy!"

While eating cake, Ellie was singing Santa Clause is Coming To Town..... Her version:  "He sees you when you're eating cake, he knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!"

"Jesus is sooo handsome! Like Daddy!"

The whole Cope family was watching a movie in the basement, and Ellie comes down the stairs and yells, "It smells like stinky foots in here!"

"Maybe Santa will bring me some diamonds!"

Ellie had just woken up and was sitting on the stairs, covering her eyes and said, "My eyes are so bright! My eyes are so bright!!"

Ellie was with Ryan and she started Whining, "I want to see mommy...I want to see mommy..." Then she immediately stopped and said, "That's not how we get what we want....."    --(Whenever she whines, we always say that to her. ha)

"We don't eat yellow snow.... it's spicy"


  1. My goodness, she is so sweet and hilarious!

  2. I love the one where she accidentally kicked Ryan!! Too funny.

  3. i am pretty sure i laughed at every single saying. i can just hear and see her little face! miss you guys too much :)

  4. i am pretty sure i laughed at every single saying. i can just hear and see her little face! miss you guys too much :)

  5. These seriously just make my day!

  6. Oh my gosh!!! She is so funny! Made my day. :-) xoxox