Wednesday, January 30, 2013

9th grade first kiss

Let me start this post off by rewinding to last year on this day, January 30th. 

Ryan said he wanted to take me to dinner, so we went up to the Cheesecake Factory. As we started diving into our appetizers, he smiled and said to me, "So... there is a reason that I took you out to dinner tonight... do you know what today is?" Immediately I stop in the midst of shoving some nachos into my mouth, my eyes widen, my mind is scrambling for any ideas of what special date I totally forgot about. 
If anyone knows me, they know that my memory is terrible. Honestly, the worst. But it must be something big that I forgot about if he took the time to take me out to a nice dinner just in honor of this special event that just happened to slip my mind?!?! As I slowly reversed the chip out of my mouth, I awkwardly say that I have no idea what today could be, and to please tell me before I have a panic attack about forgetting such a special, important date. 
My sweet husband is patient with my horrible memory and my quite often panic attacks, and he said, "8 years ago, we had our first kiss!"   . . . . . . . I just looked at him with my mouth open... "wwha ..uh...what? How in the world do you remember that??" 
I guess he had remembered the exact date all these years of our first kiss back in the 9th grade.. Is he even human?!?  

I spent the next few minutes freaking out about how he could remember such a date, and feeling terrible that I would never ever remember a specific date like that because of my horrible memory... but I just thought it was the cutest thing in the world. We ended up getting some cheesecake after our dinner and told the waitress that it was our anniversary. She smiled and asked how many years we had been married, and we laughed and said it was the anniversary of our first kiss and I joked with her about how my husband totally caught me off guard with remembering the day. She brought out a plate with "Happy anniversary" written on it with a candle. Best night ever.

Fast forward to today.... January 30th! 9 years since our first smooch while we were playing hide and seek in my parents basement... our magical moment was while hiding underneath a beanbag together. And thanks to my amazingly thoughtful husband who has a memory like none other, we can now celebrate it every year.

So of course I had to document this special day. . . . .so today at work, I G-chatted Ryan from a floor away..

Photo cred to our co-worker/friend/neighbor Annie Pugmire...and we are glad that she didn't throw up from all this mushyness. 

I just had to share the outtakes of our awkward public display of affection reenactment.

"So, do we just kiss for the picture?"
"Uhh Sure, why not?"

(Ryan was such a good sport ;)

ahh finally got it. :)

Are you guys sick of reading all these cheesy love stories yet? sorrynotsorry! 
I love my cheesy love life :) 

Happy First Kiss Anniversary to us!


  1. You guys are absolutely adorable! Such an inspiration to my newly married self. Your family is just the sweetest!

  2. So awesome! These last few pictures reminded me of this week's New Girl, have you seen it? You guys are the best!