Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Sayings

This month was filled with good Ellie quotes....

Me- "Grandpa is sick... Should we go give him some loves?"
Ellie- "Ya. I have an idea! How bout we give him some bubble gum or some grapes and play with Phoebe and all the friends? We can give him some medicine too."

Ellie- "Poopy. That's a bad word."
Me-  "Ya, we probably shouldn't say that word, huh."
Ellie- "Ya. We only say nice words and happy words like Yo Gabba Gabba"

In Mexico, we were watching the sun rise. As it was coming up, Ellie says "It's BEAUTIFUL! Just like on Lion King!"

Ellie says "Strange Cheese" for string cheese. :)

"I Don't like ANYONE!!!!"

"My Ear is broken, momma! My ear is broken!!!!" 
 (It wouldn't pop)

Me- "Ellie do you want a baby sister?"
Ellie- "No, I want Phoebe. She's nice."

After Ellie sang a song, she said, "My songs are OH so special. Kinda like Jesus."

Me- "Ellie, do you know who gave you that skirt? Mimi gave you that skirt!"
Ellie-  "Oh! I'm so proud of her!"

Ellie was eating spaghettios and picked up the spoon then said,   "This spoon said, 'Take a bite of this yummy dinner!'" and then she took a bite. :)

Me- "Ellie, why are you so cute?"
Ellie- "Because it's Saturday!"

On Halloween, Ellie kept saying to Ryan, " I LOVE YOU DADDY SKELETON!"


  1. HAHA! Oh my gosh. That is priceless. I hope you are keeping a journal of all the cute things she says. You will just love that later on down the road.

  2. LOVE. especially the Yo Gabba Gabba one. made me laugh out loud!
    cute, cute family.

  3. Because it's Saturday!

    She is super hilarious.

  4. Hi from Germany!

    I found your blog via Doloris Petunia's Etsy store and fell in love with your beautiful bridal headband! Didn't even know something like this exsists!
    I laughed my socks off reading this october sayings!
    And: I adore your idea with the love song cd as a present for guest.

    Thank you for inspiring a girl from far away :)

  5. ellie is soo cute! your whole family is darling.