Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Festivities

My Halloween started off with a visit at work from the cutest little baby bee that I ever did see! Phoebe just melted my heart in that costume!
The twins James & Thea were little chicks! SO dang cute!

Ellie surprised us this year by wanting to be a skeleton out of all things! We for sure thought she would choose to be a princess or Dora or something...but we were stoked when she wanted to be a skeleton :)
Isn't she the cutest?!?!
Ryan & I decided to be skeletons with Ellie...and may have gone a little overboard with our face paint...haha we watched this tutorial and painted our faces ourselves. I think we turned out looking RADICAL! Good thing Ellie wasn't scared of us :)


My Skeleton shirt: from Etsy
 My Skeleton leggings: From here
Ellie's skeleton costume: From here

Ellie & Cody went trick-or-treating together for a little bit!
 Cody was the cutest lil' mechanic in this world.



  1. You guy seriously looked awesome... That last pic of you is amazing! It's crazy how much that looks like a skull! Well done

  2. I just LOVE your Halloween costumes!!!! I especially love the amazing makeup job that you and your husband were sporting. It's fantastic!!!