Friday, November 30, 2012

November Sayings

November is already gone?!?!

This last month was filled with good Ellie quotes....

"I smell like sandwiches and poop, momma"

"I love Daddy and Dadda and Mommy and Jessie. I love ALL the friends!"

"The wind is spinning like ballerinas!"

Ellie was holding a stuffed Big Bird from Sesame Street, and Ryan joked with her and said, "Should we cook Big Bird for dinner?" and Ellie said while looking at Big Bird, " Ya, Let's cook ya little buddy!"

Me- "Ellie, who is your best friend at daycare?"
Ellie- "Kylie"
Me- "Oh, what does Kylie look like?"
Ellie- " A cactus"

I told Ellie that my sister-in-law, Alli has a little baby inside her tummy, and Ellie exclaimed, "HA! You're kidding me!"

I was walking down some steep steps while holding Ellie, and she wispered in my ear, "Hurry up, dude"

When she goes to tickle me and Ryan, she says, "Lickle Lickle Lickle!"  (tickle, tickle tickle)

Ryan & I heard Ellie wake up in her room down the hall, and we let her play in there for a while before we went to get her. I think she felt abandoned, because she started saying, "SOMEBODY!!.............ANYBODY!!!"  haha

Looking at a picture of my mom, I asked Ellie who that was. She said, "Grandma Judy!" and I said, "You're right! Do you remember where Grandma Judy is?" (expecting her to say Heaven) and Ellie said, "Oh, she's at Target!"

Ellie had a MASSIVE blowout while Grandpa and Uncle Dan were watching her (Bless their souls).....Grandpa said to Ellie, "Wow, that's a lotta poop, girl!" and Ellie said, " Ya, it's SO COOL!"

This is my favorite.....
In the middle of the night, Ryan woke up to Ellie yelling "I CAN'T SEE!! I CAN'T SEE!!!!"
Ryan found Ellie in the dark hallway, facing the wall.....hahahhaha

Oh how we love our Ellie girl!!

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We like to play Ninja sometimes


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Need a job?

NetDocuments is the leader in online document and email management. Launching their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business in 1999 they have been leading the pack in content management delivered through the SaaS business model.

As a growing web-based business for over a decade, NetDocuments has earned a solid position in the cloud computing market by serving some of the most prestigious global law firms, financial institutions and SMB companies. Additionally, NetDocuments has Partnerships and Strategic Alliances with Microsoft, HP, LexisNexis, Nuance, Adobe and Now with over 100,000 users in 140 countries worldwide, NetDocuments is looking to expand their Customer Support department by hiring a part-time "Technical Support Specialist" that will provide critical assistance and customer service to the customers using the NetDocuments service.  This position is for the 1:00 am to 6:00 am schedule. But also a possible day time shift position as well.

Job Summary
Working as part of the Customer  Technical Service Team, this individual will assist NetDocuments subscribers in solving their technical problems relating to the Service, training users on how to maximize the use of the software, and ensuring the client experience and interaction is helpful, timely and positive.

•Conduct web-based training sessions
•Trouble-shoot technical problems and re-solve issues relating to the software
•Manage the incoming email ticketing system
•Attend to incoming client phone calls
•Track client interaction and record details in the CRM system
•Proactively provide status updates to the customer team and Account Managers
•Ability to manage a fast-paced environment
•Superior customer service and communication skills
•Excellent time and task management
•2+ years of experience in a customer-facing role
•Proficiency in Microsoft Office
•General knowledge and comfort with computers and web technology and learning a new software
•Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
•Demonstrated ability to learn new concepts quickly
•Self-directed and work independently
•Excellent time management skills
•Strong problem solver and proven ability to think creatively and find solutions
Click HERE to contact Netdocuments for an interview!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

new found memories

My father scanned in some old slides that he found of my beautiful angel mother. I thought I would share them with you... The first and last pictures are my favorite.
What an amazingly beautiful woman she was!


Monday, November 5, 2012

My weekend in pictures

This weekend was a good one! Friday night, Ryan & I finally had my birthday dinner at the Tree Room! (I was feeling a lot better than last time we tried to go...)
 My Husband is the sweetest!!
The Sundance Tree Room is quite a treat! We dressed up and ate our 1-night-a-year fancy date meal. We joked about how our T I N Y little gourmet appetizer costed as much as 2 Large Cafe Rio salads..but we were there for the experience, right? :) OH, and if you haven't tried the Tree Room's Pepper Steak.... YOU ARE MISSING OUT. It is absolutely heavenly...and I am not even a huge steak person! Gotta try it. I have been craving it ever since we ate there.

Here is Ryan about to dig into the fabulous Charcuterie--
Saturday Morning went a little like this:
 I hear our doorbell ring. I was thinking, 'Who on earth could it be? We don't know anyone in our neighborhood yet.. and I am still in my pajamas..'
I opened the door to find two 9-year old boys with their skateboards asking, "Hey, can your husband come skate?"
You see, rewind a couple months ago when we first moved into the neighborhood. These little boys saw Ryan outside of our garage with his skateboard propped up against the wall. The boys started commenting on how nice his skateboard was, and they asked him if he could do any cool tricks. Ryan busted out some tricks, and ever since then....these kids IDOLIZE Ryan. :)
Fast forward to them at my door asking me if my husband can come and skate. I giggled to myself as I went upstairs to tell Ryan that his "friends" were at the door wanting to skate. Ryan smiled and went outside to skate with them.  
We joke about how I am so proud that Ryan is finally starting to make "friends" in the neighborhood, and how hanging out with these 9 year olds really boosts Ryan's self-esteem....especially when they ask him who he is sponsored by, and comment on how SWWEEEET our cars are. (ummm hello!? Ryan drives a Geo Metro!! hahahah nothin against 'ol potatoe.....but... ;)
So here is Ryan and his 'buddies' skatin. :)

In the afternoon, we spontaneously decided to go to the Golf Course that is right by our house and hit off the driving range. I have never been golfing in my life....except for Mini Golf, so this was definitely not my forte. I even failed with the dress code... Oh well, atleast I looked fashionable while golfing, right?  Ryan joked with me about it and refused to let me come into the club house with him..... last time I wear a hat, scarf, and boots golfing! ;)

Here is the master golfer...

Saturday Afternoon, we were lucky to babysit the twins! These babies almost have my whole heart....seriously. Even when James barfs all over me at church. 3 times.  
I love them to PIECES!!!

Saturday was Grandma Cope's birthday! So the Cope's celebrated by all going up to the Grill Room at Sundance.
Sundance dinner two nights in a row?!
 We sure were spoiled this weekend.
Happy Birthday, G-Ma!

The whole gang.
minus Spencer, Conner, Bella, Noelle, Ellie & the twins :)

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Sayings

This month was filled with good Ellie quotes....

Me- "Grandpa is sick... Should we go give him some loves?"
Ellie- "Ya. I have an idea! How bout we give him some bubble gum or some grapes and play with Phoebe and all the friends? We can give him some medicine too."

Ellie- "Poopy. That's a bad word."
Me-  "Ya, we probably shouldn't say that word, huh."
Ellie- "Ya. We only say nice words and happy words like Yo Gabba Gabba"

In Mexico, we were watching the sun rise. As it was coming up, Ellie says "It's BEAUTIFUL! Just like on Lion King!"

Ellie says "Strange Cheese" for string cheese. :)

"I Don't like ANYONE!!!!"

"My Ear is broken, momma! My ear is broken!!!!" 
 (It wouldn't pop)

Me- "Ellie do you want a baby sister?"
Ellie- "No, I want Phoebe. She's nice."

After Ellie sang a song, she said, "My songs are OH so special. Kinda like Jesus."

Me- "Ellie, do you know who gave you that skirt? Mimi gave you that skirt!"
Ellie-  "Oh! I'm so proud of her!"

Ellie was eating spaghettios and picked up the spoon then said,   "This spoon said, 'Take a bite of this yummy dinner!'" and then she took a bite. :)

Me- "Ellie, why are you so cute?"
Ellie- "Because it's Saturday!"

On Halloween, Ellie kept saying to Ryan, " I LOVE YOU DADDY SKELETON!"

Halloween Festivities

My Halloween started off with a visit at work from the cutest little baby bee that I ever did see! Phoebe just melted my heart in that costume!
The twins James & Thea were little chicks! SO dang cute!

Ellie surprised us this year by wanting to be a skeleton out of all things! We for sure thought she would choose to be a princess or Dora or something...but we were stoked when she wanted to be a skeleton :)
Isn't she the cutest?!?!
Ryan & I decided to be skeletons with Ellie...and may have gone a little overboard with our face paint...haha we watched this tutorial and painted our faces ourselves. I think we turned out looking RADICAL! Good thing Ellie wasn't scared of us :)


My Skeleton shirt: from Etsy
 My Skeleton leggings: From here
Ellie's skeleton costume: From here

Ellie & Cody went trick-or-treating together for a little bit!
 Cody was the cutest lil' mechanic in this world.