Monday, October 1, 2012

Sayings of September...toddler style

Ellie grew up over night, I swear. She talks so much! Everytime she says something cute or funny, I write it down on my phone to remember it.
Here are some of September's sayings:

Me- "Ellie what do you want to do today?"
Ellie- "Go to the park with all the friends and Phoebe and Gwampa!"

Ryan, Ellie & I were walking home from the park. I was carrying her and she wispers in my ear, "Hey, be careful for dog poop."

Ellie and I were driving in the car and passed a man running. She screams, "Momma! You see that guy?! I like him. He is beautiful."

I got off the phone with Ryan, and Ellie said, "Was that Daddy? or Dadda? Which kind of dad?"   :)

"Mom, can you make me a Yoga Pancake?" (Yoda shaped) (yes, we have Star Wars pancake molds...)

As I am making her a 'yoga' pancake, she says, "Mom, Can you make it faster please..?"

Ryan and I were downstairs sitting on the couch in the morning, and we see Ellie walk over to the top of the stairs all sleepy-eyed, after waking up. Ryan says, "Good morning, sweetie. Want to come downstairs and sit by us?" and Ellie says, "I can't... I'm not strong enough daddy. Can you come get me?"

"Wanna see my cool trick??!"

Ellie & Cody were playing downstairs and my brother Dan (Cody's dad) came over to them and asked what they were doing. Ellie turns to Dan, shoots him a glare, and sighs, "What do you want, Dan."   hah!

Ellie's been saying "I love you" to EVERYONE lately. It is the cutest thing.... meeting new people in church and the first thing she says to them is, "I love you"

"Clocklate" for "Chocolate"