Tuesday, October 16, 2012

San Felipe, Mexico trip 2012

Every October, the Cope family piles into a motorhome and makes the 16 hour trek down to San Felipe in Mexico. This trip is a lot different than our Cabo trips, because we are roughin' it a little more, which is almost more fun in my opinion! We camped on the beach, slept in hammocks, the town is a lot less touristy and more authentic which is great-, we took cold showers in the local bathrooms, the little girls pranked our tent, and we got revenge by drawing mustaches on them while they slept:), watching the sunrise every morning was absolutely breathtaking, and the Cope's family friends, the Crawfords, came and put on a firework show for us EVERY night! And I can't fail to mention the Cope boys buying behind-the-counter (literally in a hidden door behind the hat rack in some small mexican shop) explosives to blow up on the beach. Boys will be boys, eh?
 It was such a fun trip. We missed having Austin, Britt, the Twins, and Conner with us! But they were there in spirit. The Cope's definitely spoil us, and I am so grateful for all that they do for us!

Ellie was a little naughty this trip... It was hard for this girl to take her naps! The only times we could get her to fall asleep was during the car ride into town for lunch, which then resulted in Ryan or I holding her while we ate, or as you see in the bottom left picture, we would just lay her down on a blanket while we ate lunch. I was a little stressed out on this trip, because I had invisioned this trip to be a lot like last year's trip, but this time with Ellie happily playing on the beach with her toys while I got to selfishly lay out and relax while getting a nice tan ;) bbuuuttt traveling with toddlers are definitely not what we want, but what they want! Ellie wanted to stay in the motorhome a lot of the time, rather than get 'dirty' in the sand, and was fussy a lot of the time.  But in the end, I realized that I was being too selfish and that this is life, and Ryan and I will get our chance to do what we want to do when we retire ;) Plus... the times that Ellie wasn't fussy....she was SO DARN CUTE! Just check out the video below...her dance moves are pretty impressive. I love this girl, and I strive every day to be a better mother to her.

Nap times looked a little like this:

My birthday happened to be while we were down there, and I sure was spoiled! In the morning of my b-day, Ryan took me on a four-wheeler ride, and I came back to a surprise party in the motorhome! They had decorated it to surprise me while we were gone. I was spoiled with some gifts, a pina colada, and a pie. What an amazing family I have! They are too too good to me.

Instead of posting a billion pictures, I decided to make a video of our trip. This might be my new favorite thing to do! Check it out--

Video music: Michael Franti & Spearhead - "The Sound of Sunshine"


  1. What a cute video Michelle! Your family is a Adorable!

  2. So cute Michelle! You have the sweetest little family! I'm jealous of your frequent vacations! Lucky girl!

  3. LOVE the video! You guys are so cute!

  4. So stinkin' cute. I love the video, such a good idea.

  5. awe, soooo cute.
    Traveling with kids is hard stuff! But i think it's worth it sometimes just for those awesome memories. what a fun trip.

  6. She is really cute! I love her little dance moves, but I can totally relate about the fussiness. Its sometimes seems unfair when they get to be a total punk and we just have to deal with it because thats who they are! Ahhh someday, we can all travel in peace haha. Looks like a really fun trip.

  7. What a fun trip!! I'd love to do that sometime. Were you guys ever scared sleeping outside? Love the video idea!!

  8. Oh my god , i discover you blog through the tutorial the dresser mirror, and I'm in love!
    your blog is to transmit love and affection!

    I'm your newest follower!

    many kisses from Portugal!


  9. love this video - what a great idea! so cute! love your blog - i'm your newest follower! hope you'll visit my blog, and follow back if you enjoy it as well! xo


  10. Love the video and Elli's dance moves. That girl has some SASS! What a wonderful trip! (fussy toddler and all)

  11. She is so precious. I'm jealous of your guys traveling. I want to go somewhere!
    I have a giveaway going on on my blog right now! Check it out!