Monday, October 22, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

 Saturdays for me, are running around doing errands like a mad woman, because it is the only day that I can get anything done because I am at work all day, all week! I had overworked myself on Saturday and hadn't gotten that much sleep the night before, so I became sick. Ryan had planned a date at Sundance for a late b-day dinner that night, but I just didn't feel up to it... Moral of the story: I should have just enjoyed my saturday and R E L A X E D and then I wouldn't have had to take a rain check on a fancy night out to the Tree Room with the sexiest man alive!
 So to say the least, I was a failure this weekend. Sorry to my poor husband.

On a lighter note, we went and carved pumpkins at Ryan's brother's house. I think Ryan stole the show with his Volkswagon bus pumpkin! Isn't is RAD?!?! I love him.

I love this picture because our pumpkins definitely show our personalities to a tee...Ryan and his volkswagon hippie pumpkin, my gold spray painted polka-dot pumpkin, and Ellie's scribble pumpkin. :)

Sunday, my twin niece and nephew were blessed! These babies definitely melt my heart...I can't stand their cuteness!!
Isn't this the most beautiful family you have ever seen??

James & Thea

Ellie turns 3 this Friday! Where did my baby go?!
Ellie loves Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, so we decided to have an indian themed birthday party for her. I am so excited for this party!
My co-Worker, Kirsten, is an AMAZING graphic designer. She designed mine & Ryan's wedding invitations, and now Ellie's birthday invitation.
Email her for your graphic design needs-- she is FABULOUS!!  Not to mention that she is a gorgeous, fashionista, single lady!! {}  (don't kill me for saying this, K--)

contact: and check out her blog HERE


  1. James little yawn! What a cutie pie. Love the pumpkins!

  2. Perfect pumpkins!! And I love the invite. I just can't wait to see pictures from her party!!

  3. Perfect pumpkins! And cute invite. I just can't wait to see pictures of her party!!

  4. these are so adorable, & loved all the party pics as well- such a cute idea for everyone to dress in the theme as well! :)

    thanks for sharing!