Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a story about a "styled" bookshelf

Decorating our new home is coming sloooooooowwwllly but surely. I am just getting around to getting out of boxes, let alone decorating the house. But last weekend, my handy hubby helped me hang my mirrors up on the wall.
My inspiration for this was from here and here. I like the look of random gold mirrors, and I realized that I had quite the collection already. So, why not hang 'em up on the wall! The two circle mirrors and the small rectangle mirror were actually vintage perfume trays that I got at an antique store. The sunburst mirror I scored at Bed Bath and Beyond of all places....for $29! The bottom left mirror I got at DownEast home, the small frame I got at World Market, the top right white mirror I found at a consignment store years ago, and the big gold mirror I got at World Market.
 I love random, eclectic things!

The bookshelf.

Ryan and I had quite the funny debate over this bad boy. We both agreed that we wanted a book shelf in our house because:
1.) we have a lot of books laying around, and 2.) it makes us look smarter than we really are, right? ;)

Well, I found this one at Target for $100. I raced home and I told Ryan that I was so excited for him to put it together, so that I could style it. - - - -    wait, "Style it??", Ryan questioned. "Isn't a book shelf just to....put books in?"   -(this is why I love him)
I told him not to freak out, and that I promised we would put all of our books in it, but only if he let me spruce it up a little bit..... That's a fair trade, right?!
I LOVE the look of styled book shelves. THIS, THIS, and THIS, was my inspiration. I understand that sometimes people can go a little overboard with styling, and end up only putting like 5 books on it and the rest of the space is filled with accessories, vases, and picture frames. I wasn't about to do that.... I just wanted to spice it up a bit so it wasn't just a boring ol' bookshelf. I love the idea of laying the books different ways, and adding little trinkets and vases. I added Ryan's wooden elephant that he got in Africa, and only THREE other items, besides laying the books different ways. . . (and sneaking in my fashion books.) I am proud of myself for resisting temptation to add more accessories. . . .okay.... I might make THIS and add it to that empty space on top of those lonely, red Les Miserables books....but I promise I will stop after that...
(unless I decide to wallpaper the back of the bookshelves like THIS or THIS. sshhh.)

Ryan still teases me about my "styled" bookshelf obsession, but he gave his stamp of approval on ours because it held all of his books, and that's all that mattered to him. ;)
And you wanna know what the best part about this whole bookself is? See that book on the middle of the top shelf with the fun gold print on it? "A Surrender To The Moon" happens to be the book that holds my husband's published emo poem that was written about me back in the 10th grade. YYEEESS!!! Read about the poem here.

I love you, husband!
Don't kill me for posting this, and thanks for letting me style our bookcase just a little bit.

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  1. The mirrors look GREAT - it's a very "Domino" look, and the bookcase is a success too. Bookcase styling is so hard for me for some reason. It's nice to see other people pull it off!