Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ellie's 3rd Birthday Pow Wow

Our sweet Ellie Mae turned 3 last week! She loves Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, so we decided to throw her an indian-inspired birthday party where she was an "Indian Princess"
I can't believe Ellie is already 3! This sassy sweet girl fills our home with love and keeps us on our toes. I am so grateful for her spunky personality and her loving heart. She makes me want to be a better mother every day. Ryan and I are truly blessed to have her in our lives.
Read about the invitation here.

I apologize in advance for the terrible iPhone pictures! Someday I will get a nice fancy camera :)

Pow Wow sign:  was made by me
Number 3:  bought at Hobby Lobby and spray painted gold
Giant Fringe balloon:  balloon from Party Land, fringe was made using THIS tutorial

Isn't she the cutest little indian princess you've ever seen?!?!
Her feather headband: was made by me
Her indian dress:  a costume from a halloween superstore
Her leggings: H&M
Her moccasins:  Minnetonka

Fringe banners:  made using THIS tutorial

Take home treats:  gooey yummy chex mix

Dream catcher:  stolen from my brother's room years ago
Gold indian head:  borrowed
Basket: thrifted
Baby moccasins:  these used to be my older brother's! cuutte
Wooden crate:  thrifted
Table cloth:  actually a poncho/shawl from Forever 21

Salted Caramel Squares using THIS recipe

Melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites using THIS recipe
Love this Teepee Print by Kelli Murray

Cake picked out by Ellie herself...from The Chocolate

Gold + Glitter dipped feather Garland tutorial found HERE

My mother-in-law made this amazing Teepee,
that we turned into a little drumming spot for the kiddos
Stained Glass: made by my hubby in high school..awesome right?

Arrow rug: from Urban Outfitters found HERE
Indian Table runner: it's actually a men's scarf from H&M

Indian Blanket:  bought on the Indian Reservation in Arizona by my
parents many years ago
 I made little indian headbands for all the kids to wear! They looked so cute in them.

We had lots of people come dressed up in their feathers and moccasins! It was awesome!

Here is Grandma Cope holding baby James, and Gina holding baby Phoebe..aren't they cute sporting their feather headbands?!

My sexy indiand chief husband...and our friends Steve and Carly. Way to dress up!!!!

This is us attempting to take a family picture....hahah somehow after the picture on the left happened, we got the picture on the right. This struggle happens on a daily basis. ha

 We had a little face painting station..
Ellie decided to draw on Papa's face for him. :)
Drum circle in the teepee!

Every year for Ellie's birthday, we light some paper lanterns and let them go in the sky-
 This year we did 3 for Ellie's third birthday!


Happy Birthday to our Sweet Indian princess, Ellie Mae!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY gold + glitter dipped feathers

This is definitely one of my top favorite DIY projects! It is so easy and super cute.

I first saw this picture on Pinterest and fell in love....

I thought these would be SO cute for Ellie's indian party, so I got busy!

Materials needed:

---Metallic gold craft paint. (I used Martha Stewart metallic paint in Golden Pearl, from Home Depot)
---big white craft feathers (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby, and didn't care that they had black tips because they would just be covered in gold anyways)
---Gold craft glitter (I got mine at Michael's)
---plastic cup
---any type of string (if you want to make it a feather garland)

 First things first, I poured some of the paint into a plastic cup for easy dipping.

 Dip the feather tip into the paint

 I brushed off the excess paint from the back of the feather onto the cup rim to
make it not so goopy and thick.

Immediately sprinkle glitter on the freshly-dipped feather tip

 Next, you'll want to put your feather somewhere to dry. I realized this step right after I dipped my first feather, so I grabbed what was closest to me. A garden hose! (I am sure you could find something a bit better..like a box with something on top of the feather stems to hold them) Make sure they are secure on/in something while they dry so they don't fall. And also make sure you have something underneath them to catch any drippings. Let dry over night.

Aren't they beautiful?!?! I think these would be cool bunched up in a vase, or 1 displayed on a bookshelf or something.

I decided to make a feather garland like my inspiration picture above. I just tied a line of string with 5 feathers, and hung it on my wall. I love how it turned out!

If you want to see how I used them for Ellie's 3rd birthday party,
check out the birthday post HERE

Friday, October 26, 2012


I can't believe you are three, Ellie Belly. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday! You have brought such a fun, sweet spirit into my life, and I am so lucky to have you. Your daddy & I love you so very much.....and can't wait to kidnap you from Daycare today and take you to the zoo :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

-Beauty Routine-

I will be the first to say that in the past, I haven't put alot of money or effort into buying good beauty products..and I must say that once I decided to splurge just a tiny bit, I noticed a mound of difference in my skin and hair!
So I wanted to share with you some of my beauty routines--
Let's talk skin care for a second.
I have always had (and still do) acne prone skin. Caused by stress, I am sure! I usually just bought the good 'ol apricot blemish scrub you find at the grocery store, and called it good. But it just wasn't cutting it.... I had heard good things about Image skin care products, and decided to give it a go.
I washed my face with the Ageless total facial cleanser for about a week 2x a day, and instantly noticed a huge difference! My acne scars were alot lighter in color, my skin felt more smooth, and my face just felt deep cleaned.
I love this stuff!
But THIS stuff is the miracle stuff. The Image Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum. I put it on after I wash my face, and it hydrates my skin so well without leaving it greasy. I remember noticing a difference the morning after I had used it for the first time! My skin was brighter, softer and smoother. It helps sooth damaged skin, and nourishes with vitamins and anti-oxidants. This stuff is awesome. You can buy both of these products on Amazon, or if you are in the Orem area, Season's Salon sells all of Image's products. Go check them out!

Now for Hair---
My hair grows slower than a snail can move.... seriously! I feel like my hair has been the same length for the past 3 years. I wanted to make some changes to my hair routine, because I want my locks to be long and heathy!
For the past 6 months, I have been in boot camp with training my hair. It has been hard! But I am finally starting to see results. So be patient, my slow-hair-growing friends!
First and foremost, I take a Hair, Skin & Nails supplement every night before I go to bed. I bought these at Walmart. With this supplement, I drink a tall glass of water because water is good for your hair and skin! It is important to keep hydrated. I try and drink water through-out the day as much as I can too.
Now I will talk about my hair washing routine.....
Before I talk about products, I want to tell you a good secret..... I only wash my hair ONCE a week and it is the best thing for my hair! I used to wash, blow dry, and flat iron my hair EVERY OTHER DAY!  *cringe*   ....I used to always hear people say to only wash your hair once a week, and I thought they were crazy and disgusting. But now, I can proudly say that I wash mine once a week, and have seen a world of difference.
Washing and drying your hair damages and dries out your hair pretty fast. So I usually wash and dry my hair one day a week, then for the next day, I use a good Dry Shampoo to spruce it up and make it feel clean again, then the next couple of days I will rock some top knots or buns or something along those lines. (Thank goodness that top knots are in style right now!) If you feel like your hair gets greasy after a couple of days, you could probably wash your hair twice a week instead of once a week. Even that is better than washing it every other day. Mainly, blow drying and flat ironing are the most damaging things, so it is best to air dry your hair as much as possible.
I LOVE Pureology products! I use the Hydrate shampoo because my hair is damaged from coloring it so much in the past. Pureology helps protect my colored hair, which is why I love it. I feel like if I use any other shampoo, my hair color fades way fast. (which really sucks when I just blew $100 on getting my hair colored.)
Buy some here

Next topic.... COCONUT OIL! My new best friend. Weslie introduced me to this stuff, and I have fallen hard for it.
So instead of conditioner, I use this stuff- It smells great!
I bring this jar with me into the shower, and after I have rinsed out the shampoo from my hair, I run this jar under the hot water to turn it into a liquid form. Then I take some oil in my hand and put it all over my hair, mostly focusing on the length of my hair rather than the roots. Weslie talks about how she puts on the coconut oil, then wraps her hair in saran wrap or a shower cap and lets it sit for a good hour. I usually just leave mine on for about 15 minutes, then wash it out, but sometime when I get the time, I want to try the shower cap method!
**Be sure to wash the coconut oil out with some shampoo-- if you just rinse it, your hair will be a grease ball! **
buy some coconut oil here...or your local grocery store probably has some.

After I get out of the shower, I spray some 'It's a 10' miracle leave-in product into my hair. This detangles, adds keratin, and makes your hair silky soft. I use this stuff to get tangles out of Ellie's hair, or it's great to take to the beach to spray on your hair after the ocean water gets to it!
buy some here

Then I blow dry my hair using a round brush, then lightly running a flat-iron over it to tame it. After my hair is dry and flat-ironed, I use a dime-sized amount of Pureology ShineMax serum and run it through the ends of my hair. I LOVE this stuff! It gets rid of fly-aways, and makes my hair not feel as coarse, and makes it silky.
buy some here

Then, like I said...the rest of the week I wear my hair up in top knots or use some dry shampoo to make it less greasy.
Some more important tips that I have found to make my hair healthier and longer, are to DRINK LOTS OF WATER and don't fry your hair with color! I got a melt in my hair a few months ago, and it has made a huge difference. Before I got a melt, I was bleaching my hair every month and it would just keep frying it and my hair would get brittle and break off, which results in it never growing because it broke off! I love having a melt because when I go in for a root touchup, she doesn't put any bleach in...just dyes my roots.
So hopefully you liked these tips and product recommendations! I have seriously noticed a huge difference in the way my skin looks, and the way that my hair feels. You have to have a lot of patience and dedication, but it pays off if you are consistant.
I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, comments, and concerns!