Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My weekend in pictures

For Labor Day weekend, the whole Duncan fam damily piled into a rented 15 passenger van, and headed for Jackson Hole, Wyoming! It was fun all being together for the long drive.

 Wrapped dollar store toys kept the little ones entertained...We made "aquariums" and filled the water bottle full of plastic animals. We also put these other little animals that were supposed to expand over time in water, in with the plastic animals, but soon they turned into squishy colorful stuff--
 Oh well, I guess it looked cool? ha You get what you pay for... :) 
The kids loved it, that's all that mattered!

 Cody and Ellie are always so darn cute together! I think hand holding turned into hand squeezing.... ha poor Cody.
Baby Phoebe stole my heart on this trip...giving everyone the biggest smiles, and being so gosh darn cute in her cupcake beanie. I love this little bee!

Da bears.

Watching the shootout show..Ellie didn't know what to think about all the gun shots...

Sunday, we drove to Yellowstone National Park to watch Old Faithful in action! Ellie kept calling it "the Gooey Geiser" from Dora.  :)

 We saw lots of bison!

smothered with kisses....

I love my family!

The coolest part of the trip was when we saw 4 grizzly bears walking in a row!

There is something romantic, yet simple about your husband picking a wild flower and placing it behind your ear... :)
The scenery was BEAUTIFUL!

Coolest shot of the trip..by my brother and sister-in-law.
The sun setting behind this peak, shining it's rays in each direction.
Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!

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  1. Oh my goodness... these pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!! I've been to West Yellowstone but never to Yellowstone. It's definitely on the list now! You all look so wonderfully happy :)