Friday, September 14, 2012

My New Obsession- Kilim rugs

I have seen these types of rugs in pictures all over, and have fallen in love with the style! I think it can add an eclectic feel when paired with mismatched chairs, or a fun sofa, and lots of framed art. I love the american indian/tribal feel to it, as well as a hint of boho chic. In our new home, we have a dining table with mismatched chairs that I think a Kilim rug would look great under!
These pictures have been my inspiration for this decor idea of mine. Tell me what you think!:

SWOONING over this entire dining room...


This colorful beauty is from Anthropologie via
So I have looked everywhere for a rug that I like.. I have found some that are too expensive for me. I am picky with the color though, because I am not a huge fan of red. I am really picky with red turkish rugs. It has to be just right ;) But since I have some light pink chairs, I wanted something more colorful. I found these two beauties. Which one do you like the best out of the two??


  1. Loving the top one out of the 2 choices!!

  2. I also have an unhealthy kilim obsession ;) I am LOVING rug #2 - I want it!


  3. Michelle--you bet I just scrolled through a year of your posts just to find this rug post. Where did you find these two rugs you were deciding between?

  4. Ky-- shoot!! Sorry!! Next time just use my search bar for "rug" or something :)) I just love you! -but the last two that I found are from ebay! They have lots on there!