Thursday, August 16, 2012

the L O V E book

Ryan gave me this little red journal around the time we got married. We got this fabulous idea from our friends Nick & Jamie, and we wanted to make it one of our traditions!

This love book holds little notes to and from each other that we write whenever we feel like it. We just take turns writing little messages or memories to each other, then leave the book around the house or at each other's work, etc.
This is such a fun thing to do with your spouse because it's exciting to see the book in a new spot, because you know it has been written in :)

Cheesy? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely.

It makes my day reading little random notes from Ryan. It's also really nice having them all in the same book so that we can look back at past writings.
You should try it out with your spouse!


  1. When my husband and I were dating, we had a notebook to write little love things in and we'd mail it back and forth since we lived long-distance. I love looking at that now! I hadn't considered redoing that sort of thing now that we're married; great idea!

  2. definitely cheesy, but that's when you know it's a good one! how adorable is this idea. love!
    xo TJ