Monday, August 27, 2012

My weekend in Pictures

Ellie girl was with Ben this weekend, so Ryan & I, along with some friends drove up to the Uintas and went camping. We found this BEAUTIFUL spot by Wall Lake where we fished, slept under the stars, made a fire, and the guys went cliff jumping.
Good times with good people!

Saturday night, Ryan and I babysat the twins! James & Thea are doing so well, and growing so fast. They are now off of their oxygen and are so dang cute! On Sunday, we decided that we didn't get enough of them, so we begged their parents to babysit them again. We took them on a walk by the river. Baby Hungry much....?
baby James giving Ryan smiles :)

Me & Thea

Sunday night was dinner with the Duncan fam-- and we got Ellie girl back!
She is such a funny girl!

Cody & baby Phoebe

Cody and Ellie are BFF's. They follow eachother in every way! It is the cutest.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. No one should look that good backpacking. But alas, you defy all odds!