Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My weekend in Pictures

This last weekend was a good one!

On saturday morning, I ran the Provo River half marathon. My friend Jamie met up with me around mile 6 and ran a few miles with me, which was awesome!
I ended up beating my personal record, which is always a good feeling! woot.

Ryan left on Friday morning for a guys trip to California, and Ellie was with her dad for the weekend.
I could have stayed home and cleaned the house, or accomplished the many things that I need to accomplish before we move, but instead I decided to pack up last minute and cruise to Denver with my friend Michelle.
I love trips on a whim!

We camped the first night at a sweet spot a couple of hours away from Denver.

Dinner was tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, cooked in the coolest contraption I had ever seen. Definitely need to purchase one of these!

 Sunday in Denver consisted of eating crepes, walking around downtown, and exploring the bookstore.
It was a PERFECT sunday.

Michelle is such a beaut!

Later that evening, we went on a hunt for a lake to go swimming in.
After a long search, we found one.

Monday morning, we wanted to squeeze in a hike before we went home.
We hiked up to the Golden Arch near Boulder, CO. It was beautiful!

The Michelle club had a BLAST and didn't want the trip to end... it was so refreshing to get away for a while and have no cares in the world. We already have a trip to Chicago planned for next month :)

I picked up my little Ellie Mae late last night, and couldn't stop holding & squeezing her tight. Oh, how I missed this little one!
 With Ryan still out of town until tonight, I cuddled with Ellie all night in my bed last night.:)
 She is growing up too fast! 


  1. I am so jealous!
    And I totally looked at Chicago tickets buuuuut, we'll see.

    Although, anytime ya'll want to do an ATL deli night, we'd love it!

  2. I saw your dad and Ellie on a walk a couple days ago, CUTEST pair ever! Your trip looks like it was a blast. Let's catch up soon :)