Thursday, August 23, 2012

a night with my little lady

This week Ryan has been taking a math course everynight, so Ellie & I have been having girls nights! Ellie is at such a fun age right now.. I love this little chica. We went to the library and I think I might make this a weekly thing. I love seeing Ellie so excited about books & reading! Renting new books everyday? Why not! It's freeeee
 We borrowed my sister-in-law's bike that has a sweet Ibert bike seat on it, and cruised to the "candy store", then to a reception, finishing at the park. Ellie LOVED this bike seat! and I loved having her in front of me while I ride, instead of in a trailer behind me.
I definitely need to get me one of these!

Red lipstick kisses for daddy! mmmuuuaaahhhhh!


  1. I saw that bike outside of that reception, driving down the road, and thought to myself how cute it was!

  2. oh my gosh!! I love your cute blog!!! You have the cutest little family! Obsessed! Cant wait to read more! New follower