Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New blog layout

I LOVE my new blog layout! Don't you?!
My friend Rylee is a mastermind with this blog stuff, and graciously accepted my request to help me spruce up my blog. She was so easy to work with and did exactly what I invisioned!....even better! She has the best style--

If you are interested in some blog cosmetic work, shoot her an email and she can give you an estimate. 

and check out her cute blog HERE.

OH, and make sure to look at her FABULOUS recent wedding HERE. I'm obsessed!

Thanks Rylee!!


  1. Looks amazing! i am in need of serious blog help since i am the opposite of computer savvy i will need to email her.

  2. So glad you did a post about this! I love the new look :)

  3. Hey, this looks neat! It also brings out your crafts, which I love looking over!

  4. thanks for her info. I was so going to ask you who did your blog because it looks amazing! totally fits your style.