Monday, July 16, 2012

My weekend in pictures

This last weekend was mostly spent running, sleeping, being sore, and running some more.
 My twin brother Russ, my hubby Ryan & I ran the Tour de Run. Just like the Tour de France bike race, there are different stages. The winner of the first stage got the yellow jersey. Then every stage after that, they would combine the times from the previous stage, and the overall winner would then get the jersey if they beat the person who had it after the first stage. and so on. It was a really cool concept! It was the race's first year, so we were the Tour de Run pioneers. :)

The first stage was Friday night and it was a 5K. (3.1 miles) Then the second stage was Saturday morning at 7AM and it was a 10K. (6.2 miles) Then the third and final stage was Saturday afternoon and it was supposed to be 4.8 miles....but they messed up and it ended up being 5.5 miles. UGH.

I thought initially that this race would be fairly easy(er) because you would get breaks inbetween the stages to get some energy back, and reload. But it was for sure the hardest race I have ever ran! Harder than any half marathon that I have done.  It was so challenging for me to get back into the zone after 3 hours of rest, and get myself up to running all over again. Russ and Ry were troopers and did AWESOME!!!  and Russ's wife Jana was our number 1 fan and supported us both days, and even ran the last stage with us. Love her!

Stage 1- (3.2 miles)   The dream team (we don't know what we are in for)

At the end of every race, they wrote the leaders on the board. I thought for sure that I came in sixth, but then they wrote my name on the board. Sweet!!  But I couldn't stop thinking about it all night that I thought they might have messed up....I looked at the results online later that night, and saw that the girl who should have gotten 5th place, was signed up as a "male" so she didn't show up on the females list. I went and told the race staff the next day, and they fixed it. So....I felt cool for a second, until I found out that I really came in 6th place, not 5th. Oh well!

Stage 2- (6.2 miles)    It's tooooo early in the morning for this.......

Ry was so sweet....he finished before me in all three stages, and each time he saw me coming to the finish, he would come run with me to the finish. :) love this man!

Stage 3-- (4.8 miles.....or so we thought....... try 5.5 miles.)  
We aren't sore at all!.....

So... funny story... Has anyone heard of Steve Prefontaine? He was an Olympic runner in the 1970's. aaannndddd Ryan happens to be his identical twin! HA
Most runners out there know who "Pre" is, so when Ryan wore his U.S.A. jersey to the first stage, he had TONS of people just running past him saying, "Hey Pre!" or "No one can stop Pre!" and random strangers even asked him if they could get a picture with him!!! hahaha I was dying....

He really does look just like him, don't you think???
Here are some members of his fan club :)

And another...     (love the mustache sign)

All in all, it was a good race! We were deathly sore over the weekend though.... but I gotta keep training because my half marathon will be here before I know it. Yikes!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!
I am glad to be back with my little matching gingham girl :)