Friday, July 6, 2012

Let's talk about kids.

This post is strictly for ventilation purposes, as this morning just about killed me.

Kids. Let's talk about em', shall we?

They are the cutest, funniest little beings on this planet. My little cutie pie, Ellie Mae, is quite the character. And I love her to death.... but I just have one question....How in the world are children so...for lack of a better word.....bipolar?? One minute they are the sweetest, cuddly, most angelic human beings. Then the next, they are throwing tantrums, waking you up at 6 in the morning and using your lipstick as a crayon, and yanking on your hoop earrings till your ears bleed! (never wearing those again)
 Then in the midst of the screaming and kicking, they will randomly walk over to you and throw their tiny little arms around you and say in the sweetest voice ever, "I'm sorry momma"..... then all of the crazyness disappears because of that small moment of love.
How does this happen?! and is this normal? or is Ellie the only bipolar toddler out there?
And forgive me if that sounds harsh, me calling my child bipolar. But these ups and downs are killing me. I need to learn how to have more patience. I need to learn to brush things off. I need to learn that she is a TODDLER and things are going to be crazy for a little while.
 But is it true that this is just a phase? The terrible two's? Or do the ups and downs just get worse? This question is for mothers who have mastered this whole 'mommy' thing. Because I apparently haven't.

Lately I have felt like a moody mother who is always running on 5 hours of sleep.


I have been a moody mother who is always running on 5 hours of sleep. UGH.
Then I feel bad for being a crappy wife & mother... then I change my attitude and decide that I am going to take the ups and downs lightly, and be a happier person. Then everything just happens all over again. Maybe it's ME that is the bipolar one. hhmm.. maybe I should get checked for that. or maybe I should get checked for being a hypochondriac, because I always think something is wrong with me. Am I going insane? Do I sound like I am insane? I promise I am not.....

oh boy...
just breathe, Michelle.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I was going to vent right? I warned you, so don't be annoyed that I just wasted the last 5 minutes of your time.

My Goals for the next week:

-take a chill pill
-quit bein' so bipolar and moody
-smother Ellie with kisses and hugs even if she is making me want to pull my hair out
-love my amazingly wonderful husband with every ounce of energy that I have
-quit writing venting posts (I can't promise this one, so just bear with me)
-quit being so darn baby hungry. HELLLLOOOO I can barely handle one child!

I'll let ya know how my goals go. . let's hope for the best :)


  1. Good luck on the goal list! hang in there. If I may be so bold I will say this, one child is the hardest. Every mom I've talked to has told me that.

  2. I've turned to the philosophy of stoicism for the past 6 months haha. The other day I found myself getting a little flustered from a situation somebody was putting on me and realized that was the first time in literally months... and was able to shrug it off.

  3. So we met briefly at Cody's birthday party. I just clicked on your blog via Dan and Ali's. This post is SOOOO true! I tell Dennen all the time how bipolar Finn is. It's the ONLY word that describes the craziness of it all. Finn's not too bad yet...
    But I'm kind of dreading the day. Hope things improve soon :)

  4. Michelle! You just described how I feel everyday! That totally normal behavior! No mom has mastered motherhood! Being a mom is hard! And sometimes we just need to vent a little bit! My suggestion: go do something for yourself ALONE! Even if it's just taking a relaxing bath. You're doing an amazing job with Ellie! Hang in there :)

  5. omg! i just (literally just) finished writing about this very same thing. i'm posting it monday. thank you! i'm not glad that you're having a hard time but i am glad i'm not alone. ha, sorry. :)

    they are crazy! i have to try so hard to remember i'm the mom in the situation.

  6. Oh I'm soooo happy about this post. Haha.
    I call soph bipolar, she is the exact same way. I hate to
    Even say these words, but 2 is easier than 3s looking. 2 they just throw tantrums,
    3 they they tell you 'no, I not have to', and argue. Haha.
    Read happiest toddler on the block. It's helped me a lot. With tantrums.

    You're not the only one. Promise. Haha

  7. feel. your. pain. My little toddler is doing many of the same things. They're learning how to express themselves, make relationships, get what they want, etc., and we're learning how to parent it. We did the same thing to our parents, I'm sure. Time outs are real. I'm gonna get churchy, but making sure that spirit is there really helps (which is sooo darn hard when they're screaming and throwin' tantrums). You're doin' good, Mama. Hang in there! We all are! and I'm glad to know I'M not alone--thanks :)

  8. This is funny because just yesterday I thought the same thing. My two year old can drive me bananas and think about shaken baby syndrome so it makes me feel better others feel that sometimes, and I want you to know it's normal. here is to Motherhood. Cheers!

  9. I'm no master, but my child acts the same- so I'm glad to see we're not alone! I tell my husband (and myself) it's just a phase... so hopefully it is. But I also think that having 2 children is easier (and more fun) than one. Not at first, but as they get a little older and interact with each other it is wonderful, and it is pure "mama joy" to watch your children get along, even if it's only for a few minutes, or seconds. (also mine are too young to really "fight" so maybe I will disagree with what I'm writing in a year...) Anyway, good luck to you, Ellie is a doll! (p.s. I read a similar post recently on a blog I follow and I always like to see that I'm not the only one thinking I'm going crazy as a mom, so if you're interested check it out