Friday, June 15, 2012

Quotes of a 2 1/2 year old

Ellie says some pretty funny stuff lately...

We see a picture of Jesus in the church and she says, "Hey, that's Jesus! I love her."

Whenever we tell her "I love you" she responds yelling,
 "I love you TOOO much!"

Sometimes when she is up to something and doesn't want me to come with her, she will say, "Wait 2 minutes" (because when I put her in time-out, I tell her she needs to stay there for 2 minutes)

When Brittany was still pregnant with the twins, in one of her night time prayers she said, "and please bless Brittany and the two bellies" ....We corrected her and said "2 babies in her belly" :)

Ryan asked Ellie, "Do you love me?" and she responded, "I really want to!"

Sometimes when I ask her if she wants to do something, she says, "Oh, of course!"

Ellie:  "daddy can I see your guy parts?"
Ryan: "No..."
Ellie: "Can I plleeeeaaaasssee see your guy parts?"
(She is very fascinated with our different body parts lately hahah)

"Let's go under the blanket and hide from bears, momma"

Momma: "Ellie, do you want to lay your head on my shoulder and take a nap?"
Ellie: "Don't you EVER ask me that EVER AGAIN!!!
(we were so puzzled why she would say that...until one day we were watching Tangled and noticed that rapunzel's mom says that to her.)

"Momma there's yellow spots in my ears" (earwax)

Ellie always points to things and asks, "Who bought this?" then we tell her who bought it and she says "Oh! Thank you _______!!" ( insert person's name)

I found her outside on the trampoline with random things like plates, straws, toys, shoes, lotion...and I started walking over to her and she holds up her hand and says, "No! Stop! I am doing homework!! Go back inside!"

Momma: "Ellie, can you pick up your mess?"
Ellie: "Say please momma"
Momma: "Ellie will you PLEASE pick up your mess?"
Ellie: "Oh, thank you for asking so nicely!"
(that is what we say to her when she says please) haha


  1. Amazing. I hope my children are as entertaining.

  2. Ha ha. Don't you love the things they say? Paityn is constantly saying stuff that I pretty much can't even stand how funny she is. I love cute little Ellie and her funny things too!!

  3. oh man, love this age! sounds like she would get along with my ellie just fine... and they would make trouble!