Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random happenings 'round here

 This past week has been quite eventful! Ryan endured his week of finals with a little help from mine and Ellie's surprise breakfast we made him.... (or atleast i'd like to think we helped;) Ry did AWESOME and finished the semester with all A's.  GO DADDY RYAN! I am so proud of him and all of his hard work.
So now he has a week until summer block starts, so we are excited to go to Moab his weekend for a little getaway! WOOT WOOT

Pictured below: Cream cheese filled french toast with coconut syrup...mmmm...i MIGHT just have to post the recipe sometime because it is SO yummy

My rad nephew Cody turned TWO! I can't believe it! His amazing momma threw a killer construction/truck themed party which included plastic construction hats for the kiddies (or the adults, in Ryan's case) and a pinata. Happy Birthday Coco! We love you!!!

This girl takes after her momma with her swinging skills! ;)

On Saturday, I got my hair done by the fabulous Cambri at Salon K. She gave me the perfect melt! I wanted to still be blonde, but I wanted a subtle melt so that my roots didn't grow in so harsh. I thought she did a fabulous job. I highly recommend her!

Church with this girl is always a challenge...but doesn't she look adorable?!? I could squeeze her.

Sunday fun on the trampoline! I love this girl to pieces.

Girl's night painting our nails! She is becoming quite the pro.
She even painted Daddy Ryan's toe nails too! ;)

Yesterday was a day of weddings!! We went to the sealing of Jesse & Sam, our good friends. It was such a beautiful ceremony and it was fun being there with Ryan and remembering our special day that took place there not too long ago. We are SO happy for Jesse and Sam!!! They make such a stunning couple. her dress not AMAZING??? They are beautiful together.

The guys tradition of "hoisting him up!"

I went straight from Jesse & Sam's sealing, to my beautiful friends Kelsey and Mike's wedding! I was fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid and it was SO much fun!! Kelsey and Mike are perfect for eachother, and I couldn't be happier for them.   So while Ryan was a groomsmen at Jesse & Sam's wedding reception, I was a bridesmaid at Kelsey and Mike's reception. On the same night! HA It was hard being apart from eachother, but we survived. ;)

Doesn't Kelsey look amazing???

Their adorable dessert table-

aaannnddd a random pic that Ellie's teacher just sent to me-- Ellie and Willa are BEST friends at daycare. They are soooo cute together. When I drop her off, Ellie runs over to Willa first thing and they hug eachother. agh! I can't stand this cuteness.


  1. that french toast sounds amazing! please do post the recipe. it was good to see you last night michelle:)

  2. Ellie is so cute! and your hair is adorable! my dad married michael and your friend! haha random fact of the day :)