Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quiet book for Ellie

I remember growing up LOVING to play with a quiet book that my mother had given me. Ellie is to the point where she does NOT stay still during church, and also for those long car rides, constantly needs something to keep her busy other than playing on my iPhone. I think a quiet book would be perfect for her! I have been searching for ideas online, because I want to attempt to make her one myself.

I came across some cute ideas that are giving me inspiration:

How perfect is this sandcastle idea?! Ellie would flip out with excitement.

This doll house tote is to DIE for....

Has anyone ever attempted to make a quiet book? Or does anyone have any ideas, tips, links that they would like to share? I am excited for this project!

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  1. Isla got one for Easter from my mom that is super cute from and it is the LDS quiet book. It's perfect for church

  2. I made one and it was a LOT more time than I thought it'd be, but I'm really glad I did it. I thought it was really fun. I wish some of those ideas had been up when I made my kiddo's. I was super cheap and only used felt I had, so that limited what I could do. If you're willing to spend, you'll have a super cute book :) And really, felt will make all your headaches lessen. and a hot glue gun...sometimes it's easier than sewing those little things ;) ...long answer. Sorry!

  3. My mother is a pro. She made one for Cody and it is a total life saver at church. If you have any questions I'm sure she'd be happy to help.

  4. How fun! I'm actually in the process RIGHT NOW of making the babe a quiet book. I found simple templates here:

    They are not as detailed as the ones you've posted (that doll house is darling!!), but I loved the clean lines. In this one, I've done the tree and the doll so far, but I'm tempted to make more with the ones you've posted. Love it. :)

  5. Oh my goodness!!! Those are such cute and fun ideas!! I've always wanted to know how to make a quiet book. I think it would be such a great gift! I don't have any ideas, but keep track of all the materials you use so you can give me ideas when you're done!