Monday, May 7, 2012

My weekend in pictures

This weekend started off early with a trip to the Thanksgiving Point petting farm with my brother and his wife and their little boy, Cody! We had a ton of fun, and Ellie + Cody together are the cutest thing alive.
Ellie would NOT go on the horse, until the lady working there just came right up and held out her hands for Ellie to come with her and Ellie went right to her and got on the horse. hahah I guess it works if a stranger takes control because Ellie didn't even fight it with her. ha She loved it!

Ellie was with her dad this weekend, so me + Ryan and our friends Steve and Peri packed up and took a road trip down to Moab! It was the funnest trip....and when Steve and Ry get together, they make me laugh so hard. Even though the girls got a bit grumpy in the middle of the night, (long story...hahah) it was still the best trip ever. :))

Steve took us to this place called the Lemon Squeeze which was a crack inbetween two rocks that you hike in. It was so fun! A bit on the claustrophobic side though ... ;)

The symmetry in the rocks were BEAUTIFUL!

We heard some chirping along the way and found this up on a ledge! Cutest baby chicks!

My levitating husband, wedged between the rocks.

Peri and Steve, the coolest cats around

Me & my hot hubby

We hiked to Left hand where we climbed to the top of the cliffs and jumped into the water-- it took us girls a while to build up the courage to jump though, because you had to jump in a certain spot that was surrounded by shallow water. But we did it! Steve and Ry joked because last summer they told each other that the girls that they wanted to marry had to be able to jump off of this as a qualification. Looks like I can stay married to him! pphheewww.. ;)

 Steve's cousin took us shot gun shooting. We laughed. A lot.

As you all may know, this last weekend was the Super Moon! So we decided to go fishing after the sun went down. Steve and Peri caught a baby fish. yay! ha It was tiny.

Sunday morning we got a text from Ryan's brother saying that his wife, Brittany went to the hospital because she was having contractions. She is pregnant with boy/girl twins and wasn't due until the first part of July! But she went in and was dilated to a 5! They tried to keep the babies in there for as long as they could, but they just wanted to come out! So they ended up doing an emergency C-section last night and both twins came out healthy and everything went fine! Both a little over 3 lbs. each.
Thea + James.... SO CUTE!! They will both have to stay in the NICU for quite a while, but Brittany and the babies are both healthy and we are so happy for them!!  and I'm an Aunt again! WOOT WOOT

This picture was taken over the weekend... Cousin Max and Ellie at the park-- Ellie's uncle matt said that these two rebels ran off and hid at the park with a bag of little doughnut holes...and when they found them, they had eaten 14 doughnuts. BAHAHA.... crazy cute kids!


  1. I'm not mormon so I apologize if this is a silly question.... I thought once you were married in the temple you couldn't wear tanktops anymore... I thought that was one of the promises. Again I'm just confused /curious ...

  2. Thanks for the question..whoever you are :) yes, we made promises to always wear our garments unless it is for swimming, physical activity, exercising, or sexy time..ha. it really is a decision between you and the Lord, and because we were on a long hike and engaging in physical activity, we decided not to wear them. Thanks for your question-