Monday, May 21, 2012

My weekend in pictures (and videos)

Ellie was with her dad this weekend, so Ry and I decided to make it a laaaaazzy weekend. Saturday, we ended up putting ourselves into a Cafe Rio coma for about 4 hours..... then attempted to play some catch at the park, but ended up collapsing on the hill still full from pork salads. Productive, eh?

Sunday, we decided to get our solar gear ready and drive 3 1/2 hours south to Kanarraville, Utah. Who knew such a place even existed? Apparently lots of people were on the same track as us, and there ended up being a ton more nerds like us there to watch the Solar Eclipse. We felt a little out of place without a huge telescope like everyone else had, but we had our plastic glasses, welding mask, and a six pack of IBC's. We were PUMPED. It was pretty sweet, and all I had to document it with was my crappy iPhone camera, which ended up making it look like a cheerio. AWESOME.

Solar nerds unite.

Being united with our sweet girl after a long weekend away from her is the best part of my weekend. She was so sweet when I picked her up from Grandma's house, giving me the biggest hug and showing me her new watch ;) ahhh I love this girl!

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