Tuesday, May 8, 2012

James + Thea update

Last night, we went to the hospital to see if we could see my new nephew, James & Niece, Thea through the NICU glass windows. They only allow 4 other people besides the parents, in the NICU to see the babies.  (which are the grandparents)  But the nurses were so nice to open up the blinds and turn the babies so that we could sneak a peek at them from the hall. Austin (the daddy) asked the Cope boys if they could all give the babies a priesthood blessing. The nurses allow additional people to come into the NICU if they are giving a baby a blessing, so it was cool that the Cope brothers could go in there for that special time.
The power of the priesthood in my religion has always been so fascinating and amazing to me. There is nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a blessing from a worthy priesthood holder. They hold such a strong power, which emulates a sweet, gentle spirit. As I was watching through the window, these worthy & strong brothers placed their hands gently on these precious babies' heads, I felt overwhelmed with the spirit of Christ--even though I couldn't hear the words that were being said.  I was filled with the feeling of gratitude for my husband that he keeps himself worthy to be able to give these blessings at any time that is needed. It is comforting to know that if Ellie or I ever need a blessing, we are able to ask Ryan to give us that comfort and feeling of the spirit that we need at that time.

When we left the hospital, baby James was still on the breathing machine. Today I received word that James is breathing on his own! And I can't help but know that the Lord is watching over these two precious babies and heard and answered the prayer and blessing that was given by these amazing brothers.

Noelle, Bella & I looking at James through the window :)

Baby James!

Baby Thea!

The proud parents! Brittany & Austin holding Thea
We are so happy that the babies and Brittany are healthy! I love my new niece and nephew!! :)


  1. Oh, they are gorgeous!
    I'm so glad they are doing better.

    That is amazing the power a priesthood blessing has.

  2. Thanks for the update and pictures. The babies are beautiful and lucky to have such great parents, uncles and aunts. You need to bring Ellie in to work to get more "flute woll-ups".