Thursday, May 3, 2012

I love hearing from you!

In the past week I have received two emails from two complete strangers who told me they read my blog, and it absolutely made my day!!! I LOVE hearing from my readers and answering questions that they have or giving them my opinion or advice (what little that I have ;) So I just want to say thank you to anyone out there that reads my blog! I love any feedback or advice from people as well, so feel free to send me an email if you ever have questions or just want to introduce yourself to me! I would love to hear from you :) 


-Michelle Cope


  1. I love your blog and how real you are!
    I seriously with we were real life friends.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    So, here is another message from a total stranger who reads your blog :) I wouldn't have ever mentioned anything until you put your last post up that there are other strangers who read it. It made me feel less like a complete crazy person. I knew your older brother a tiny bit in high school and somehow I randomly came across your blog. Your story is just so amazing and you are a very inspiring person. When I read the story about how you and your husband got together, I must admit, that I teared up. I promise, I'm not a crazy stalker. I just relate to it a little.

    I grew up in a family with a lot kids. My parents didn't have a good relationship at all and were stressed a lot. They weren't able to give each of us the individual attention we needed. Once I got out of the house, I turned to the wrong people for attention. I was engaged when I was 19 to someone who wasn't good to me. I was lucky enough to not go through with it because my older sister was going through a divorce and it opened my eyes a lot seeing what she was going through. I broke up with him 2 weeks before our wedding. But, I still kept ending up in bad relationships for 4 years. Where I relate to your story is when I found my husband. In my situation, I was at rock bottom. After a recent relationship had ended my sister finally made me put on a fake wedding ring and swear to not date anyone until I grew a backbone...... Funny thing is that's when my husband came along. I knew we were meant to be together because of how fast he was able to break my walls down. It wasn't the easiest thing to do but, he was able to do it. I always thought there was someone whispering in his ear telling him what to say or do to "win" me over. It worked and we've been happily married.

    Thank you for being so open in your blog. It's been nice to snoop :)