Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I was planning on selling my clothes at the Soel Swap last Saturday, but forgot about a bridal shower that I needed to go to. I was pretty bummed that I missed it.....but I decided that I have too many good things to not try and sell ;) So, I am having a closet sale on my blog! I know it is hard to really see a product through pictures, so if you are interested in any of these items and would like to see them in person, feel free to email me and come over! I am in the Utah County area.
Also, I am willing to negotiate with pricing, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in any of these items!
Also, if you are from out of state, I can ship it to you--

Tank is size Large, Blouse is size Medium

dress is a size small, skirt is a size medium

romper is a size medium, jacket is a size 6

ruffle tank is a size small, sweater is a size medium

sweater tank is a size small, blouse is a size medium

Max Studio skirt is a size small and Free People dress is a size 4

dress is a size medium, skirt is a size medium

tank is a size medium, dress is a size small

skirt is size medium, blouse is a size small

skirt is a size medium, shorts are size 28

dress is size Small, and Tramp brand lace blouse is a size medium-super cute on!

white jeans are size 27, tank dress is size Medium

skirt is size small, blouse is size small

cardigan is size small, skirt is size medium

skirt is size medium, colorblock tank is size small

Skirt is size medium, and cardigan is actually from Old Navy and its a size extra small.

denim skirt is size medium, tank dress is size small.

skirt is size small, Free People tank is size small

dress is size Small

Email me if you have any questions-- Once again, I am open to negotiating pricing,
so please feel free to contact me! 



  1. Hey i'll totally go for that GAP blouse for $15! so cute!

  2. I wish I was pre-Isla size! Such cute stuff!