Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Butterfly themed baby shower

I had so much fun throwing my sister-in-law Gina a baby shower! My inspiration for the butterfly theme came from the amazing nursery that she decorated for her soon-to-be baby girl. She has this fabulous butterfly print hanging above the crib and I fell in love.
It was fun having cousins, aunts, friends, and family over to celebrate the highly anticipated arrival of baby Duncan!

the invitation:

The shower:

This felt ball garland is fun to make by threading string with a needle through felt balls. Super cute and easy to make!

The baby pictures of Brad & Gina were to die for! :)

I served fruit and lime tarts from Kneaders. mmmm...

I loved sprucing up these glass milk bottles! Tutorial HERE

DIY butterfly garland tutorial HERE

I made my mom's ever-so-popular chicken pasta salad

Tutorials for the butterfly decor found HERE
Tutorial for the glass milk bottles found HERE


  1. that is the cutest baby shower i have EVER seen!!!!!!!! gahhh. and you are too cute!

  2. It really was perfect! Thank you for all your hard work. The butterfly theme was brilliant and had your touch all over it. I especially loved the baby pictures of Brad and hope to heaven that this baby girl gets those cheeks!! xo

  3. What a great entertainment maven you are! That pasta salad f your mom's has become a staple at all of our family gatherings. In fact, when people ask me for the recipe, it is titled Judy Duncan's Chicken pasta salad!

  4. You are quite the entertaining maven! What a beautiful party. That Pasta salad has become a staple at our family parties! In fact when people ask for the recipe, it is Judy Duncan's Chicken Pasta Salad!

  5. This shower is adorable! Any chance you'd like to share your chicken salad recipe?

  6. So cute!!! Where did the chevron paper bags come from? Also did you ever get around to posting the pasta salad recipe? I would love it too.