Monday, April 16, 2012

my weekend in pictures

Ellie reading books with her favorite person, grandpa :)

We went with a bunch of our friends to Trafalga for Johnny's birthday! Here are the guys puttin' their stuff on the golf course...

The birthday boy himself. hahahah i love this picture

Me & my man after some INTENSE laser tag. I love things like this where I can be a kid again;)

Saturday morning was my sister-in-law Brittany's baby shower- She is having boy/girl twins! I made little onesies for them. I think the bowtie turned out so cute! And I made it so it velcros off for easy washing. Not too bad for my first attempt, eh?

For my dad's birthday, he wanted the whole family to take a temple trip! It was such an amazing experience.. I love going to the temple-

My family is the best!

After dinner, we all had to take a trip to Bruges & Frites.... their waffles might be one of the most amazing things. ever.

My bestie Whitney stopped by the Cottage last night and hung out with Ry & I. We love to have visitors up in our neck-of-the-woods! She gave us this CUTE print for our house as a wedding gift. Isn't it awesome?? She knows that I love this song. ;) Whitney is the BEST!! We love her dearly.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Seriously Michelle... there is nothing about you and your family that isn't DARLING! So happy for you. Beautiful as always. :)