Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ellie Mae and a little bit of Spring

It is starting to feel like Springtime 'round here! FINALLY. We have been itching to go outside and play for wwaaayyy too long. Our home is literally right by a park, so we have been going there almost every day. Ellie could stay there forever! She loves going down the "big kid's slide".

Here she is heading to the park with lil' bear. Can't forget to bring him along!

Going down the slide with lil' bear!

This is the CUTEST thing that she does... she crouches down and holds out her cupped hands and says, "I gonna catch you Momma!" and waits until I slide down.  I love it.

"Look how strong I am, daddy Ryan!!"

Oh, but the park isn't just for Ellie....bahah
This picture kills me!


 Ellie looks so cute in front of the cottage. Ahhhh  I just want to squeeze her sometimes!

Happy car ride :)

Random pic-- I found Ellie laying in her doll house. This girl is hilarious!
We love our Ellie girl!


  1. Geezo she's a big girl these days!!! Brad said he just about melted when she said "come play with me" yesterday :).

  2. love her baby toms. cutie pie.

  3. What a Cutie Pie! Love the Cheesy smile.


  4. What an adorable family!!! I love the 3 of you together :) How fun to live so close to that park!!