Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tomorrow is the Day!!

I can't believe that I am getting married to the man of my dreams tomorrow!! It seems surreal...

I got somewhat crafty with some wedding stuff-- I saw a picture on Pinterest of a chalkboard at a wedding and it was the cutest I decided to make my own! I bought a $5 wood board at Home Depot and painted it with chalkboard paint. I can't take all the credit though, my lovely co-worker Kirsten designed a graphic and I used a projector to put the image on to the chalkboard, then I traced it with chalk :) What do you think? I think it will look cool hanging on the old exposed brick wall of our reception place.

I decided to make my own boutonniers....with the help of my sister-in-law Jana.
 I just wanted something different and unique for Ryan's groomsmen to wear, rather than the normal flower.
Burlap & lace are the details that I am using at my wedding-so I thought I would incorporate that into it-- What do you think?

I feel so blessed to marry this amazing man! He enriches my life so much and helps make me a better person. Tomorrow can't come fast enough!


  1. so excited for you and your beautiful new family. :)
    i hope everything is perfect and happy and wonderful.

  2. haha Thanks for the shout-out! :)

  3. its tomorrow!! yay!!! love what youve done so far.. cant wait to see the rest!!

  4. Congratulations today Michelle and Ryan!!! wahoo!!! you look absolutely stunning in your pictures, can only imagine your beautiful self in person on this special day! So glad you are happy. you desrve every cheerful second. enjoy the little moments. love you Michelle. xoxo

  5. CONGRATS!! you are STUNNING and i love the diy details- duh!
    can't wait to see your wedding photos!!