Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shout out to Kev-

I just wanted to spotlight my bitchin' new father-in-law for a moment..... (bitchin' is an accepted word in the Cope household, so forgive me if I offended anyone;)

Kevin is not only the coolest father-in-law in this world, but a very successful, hard-working business man. We love him!

He has spent the last few years writing his first book- and it was published recently! But the even bigger news is that just last week, it made the number 4 spot on the New York Times Best Sellers list! And it was also #1 on USA Today's best-seller's list last week. WOW!! What a huge accomplishment!!!

New York Time's Best Seller's list
I just had to point out that The Hunger Games was the #4 spot in it's category....
Yup, Kev is kind of a big deal. ;)
Congratulations to my amazing father-in-law!

You can read more about Kevin and his book HERE.
and you can buy the book HERE!


  1. Hooah! That is awesome! I'm gonna have to pic that one up. =) It was so good seeing you the other day, Ellie is so stinkin' cute and you and Ryan make such a beautiful couple!

  2. wow very impressive!! congrats on your wedding michelle!

  3. seriously?? very cool!!! ill have to go out and get it! congrats to him!!