Tuesday, March 27, 2012

our mexican honeymoon through a disposable camera lens. .

My amazingly, wonderful husband had a fun idea to buy a disposable camera for our honeymoon, because with all the camera phones, Instagramming, editing apps, etc. that goes on while taking pictures now-a-days, ...there is something exciting about taking pictures with a disposable camera, because you can't see how they turn out until you develop the film. I was stoked about the idea! Little did we know, that about half of the pictures on the roll wouldn't turn out. They were either too dark, or the people that we asked to take our pictures cut our heads off, or held their finger over the lens. hahah It was pretty funny getting them developed and realizing that a bunch of good pics were ruined! But luckily, we were able to laugh it off and truthfully be able to say, "what happened in Cabo, stayed in Cabo." It was worth it to have half of our pictures ruined, to have the suspense of waiting until we got home to see how the pictures turned out.

Here are some duds:
too dark....
heads cut off....
finger over lens....okay, that was my fault.

Here are some that did turn out:

sipping homemade pina coladas by the beach..mmmmm.....yes.

Snorkeling! We are hot.

We hiked to Lover's Beach. (that really is the name of it....coincidence?)

ahhh.... we finally arrived at Lover's Beach.

We rented a jet ski so that we could go see the famous Cabo arch! It was so fun zipping around huge Carnival cruise ships and having all the people wave at us from up there.

We hit up my FAVORITE Cabo restaurant, Mama's. It is a breakfast place with the most amazing cream cheese stuffed french toast with strawberries and carmelized nuts, insane eggs benedicts, and Ryan's favorite---- Chilaquiles. We had to make a second stop on our way home to the airport ;)
 In my opinion, it really is the "best breakfast restaurant in the whole country"!

Ry & I were playing card games late one night, while sipping on "cold ones" (cream sodas) and he said that one time he was playing cards with a friend and acted like he knew how to pick out any card that his friend could name. His friend said a card, and Ryan pulled out that exact card, not meaning to actually get it right!

And so I told him that I could do the same....and Lo and behold, I pulled out the 2 of diamonds that Ryan chose. It was one of those -you-kind-of-had-to-be-there-to-think-it-was-funny type of moments, but it was hilarious. My success deserved to be chosen as one of the 27 precious pictures that our disposable camera could hold. :)

I did snap one photo on my phone....you know, just incase none of the pics turned out :)
My husband is so good looking! !

We had so much fun on our honeymoon! Reality definitely hit when we got home-- snow, school, work, toddler wakings at 4a.m., and empty fridges. :)  I am loving every minute of being married to Ryan-- he is the best husband in this world!!!


  1. I love this. I love you two together, you seriously make such a great couple.. not to mention, the best looking too. Double date sometime??

  2. congrats on your wedding! I LOVE cabo! apparantly on the other side of lover's beach is divorce beach. haha good thing you didn't go over there. you guys make a beautiful couple!!

  3. This is the best post!!! I love how cute and clever you two are!!! I need more of you in my life! Love you !

  4. GAH! You two are absolutely perfect together! So beautiful. I can't even believe it. We went to Cabo for our honeymoon too and did almost the EXACT same things. It was so fun! You look so happy and so in love, and I am so excited for you!! Congrats!