Friday, March 30, 2012

11 questions

I was so excited when my friend Aisha tagged me in her post!
 I have always wanted to do one of these:)

The rules:

.post these rules
.post a photo and eleven random things about yourself
.answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
.create eleven new questions for the people you tag
.contact those you choose and let them know they've been tagged

11 random things about me:

-I loooove and cherish my sleep. If I don't get enough sleep, I am usually a grump
- I have a very large sweet tooth...but I can't eat chocolate if I don't have milk. It's a must!
-I LOVE being outdoors...instantly puts me in a good mood- I love to run, hike, bike, and camp.
-I miss high school sports more than anything.....
-I have long, skinny toes and fingers- and am just becoming somewhat secure about them.
-I have the most amazingly good looking husband in this world
-Celebrity tabloid magazines/E news is one of my many guilty pleasures....
- I am the least pickiest person I know when it comes to food.... I love anything and everything!
 especially Indian & Thai food.
-I tend to stress too much about things that don't matter...but I am working on it.
-I am slightly baby hungry.. Which is a problem.
-I might be a tiny bit addicted to Pinterest.

Aisha's Questions for me:

What is your dream career?
Either an interior designer or being able to work behind the scenes at fashion week

Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate!!! Ryan and I have this argument on a daily basis. So much, that when we lose a bet between each other, the other person has to eat the other flavor of ice cream. . .eating ice cream for punishment....? hhmmm.....

Do you have a pet? If you dont what would you have?
The only pet I have right now is a fish that I got Ellie for Christmas. Bad idea... buying a pet that you have to clean up their bowl every week and you can't even play with it! It just sits there.
Next pet purchase: a dog. no question.

Would you take a luxurious penthouse city apartment or ocean veiw cottage on the beach?
this is such a hard question for me.....because the beach is so relaxing and beautiful.....but honestly, (call me crazy) I think I would take a penthouse in the city. It would be amazing!! for so many reasons.

Whats your favorite chick flick? Why?
oh man. I am picky with my chick flicks. But I love Mean Girls, How to lose a guy in 10 days, and She's the Man. I like more of the funny type of chick flick rather than the sappy ones.

Heels or flats?

What would the events in your perfect day include?
I could be pretty inventive....but I will be realistic.
 Sleep in, make a spinach smoothie, go on a hike with my two loves, bbq, shopping, then a bubble bath.

What in your opinion is your best quality?
ummm.... maybe that I am a good listener? is that lame? I hate these types of questions. ha

Do you experiece the envied runners high?
Yes I definitely have!! I have ran a bunch of races the past few years, and seriously CRAVE that runner's high that comes when you are regularly training. It is an amazing feeling.

Do you believe in soul mates or love at first sight?
Definitely soul mates. Everyone is meant for someone, and I believe that if we do what makes us happy in life and do everything that we can to become the people who we want to become, we will find our soul mates..... or they will find us.
Or.... maybe I was just lucky and found mine :)

What is your most treasured item? why?
The first thing that comes to mind is my wedding ring. I was fortunate enough to inherit the diamond from my mother's ring, and it reminds me every time I look at it what a beautiful, strong person she was.

People that I am tagging:

My Questions for you:

1. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
3. If you could have one day with no responsibilities, or anything on your agenda, describe what would be your ultimate day of relaxation--
4. What is your favorite nail polish color?
5. What is your favorite summer snack/treat?
6. What is your favorite blog to stalk?
7. Name one celebrity (dead or alive) that you would meet if you could.
8. Cats or Dogs?
9. What is a guilty pleasure that you have?
10. What is your dream car?
11. Silver or Gold jewelry?

Thanks Aisha! This was fun :)


  1. totally just did this.
    nap time was fun today, haha.

    and ps. you look SO happy michelle. I am
    so glad you and your hubby are so happy and in
    love. you deserve it so much.

    and we need to play. i have like any day that i'll pop, but
    after lets play. :) you can hold my baby to shake off some
    baby hunger. ;)

  2. yay! hah i love your answer wedges - and between the beach and the city toss up i totally agree with you!

  3. haha, i love these. you find out the funniest/most random things about people. xoxo