Monday, February 27, 2012

My weekend in pictures

My amazing & beautiful friends threw me a bachelorette party on Friday!! It was so much fun...and may or may not have gotten a little crazy.... ;) We went to Happy Sumo then up to the cottage for some games....  "What happens at a bachelorette party, stays at a bachelorette party" But I can tell you this....everyone agrees that they have never laughed harder in their lives..I think my abs still hurt from the laughter.

I have the BEST friends in this WORLD!!!

cousins Ellie & Cody are the cutest together!

They both LOVE Dan:)

I had to put this pic up of Ellie sleeping...Look at those cute cheeks!!!

Alix Loosle took some bridal pics of Ry & I and I can't WAIT to show you them! So until then, here is a quick phone pic of my bouquet.

10  MORE DAYS until I marry the man of my dreams!!


  1. Cody and Ellie are so cute together I could watch them play all day.

  2. Its really only in 10 days! Oh my gosh!! YAY!!

  3. ahhh so exited!!!! who did your flowers?