Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My weekend in pictures

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
Mine started off by seeing The Vow with some of my favorite ladies-- I think there was maybe two guys in that whole theater. HA I decided to spare Ryan by not dragging him to it. The movie was decent, definitely your typical chick flick!

Since Ryan's birthday is on Valentine's Day, (!) I told him that for the rest of our lives, we are splitting up Valentine's Day and his birthday, because I think that would be super lame for him to get ME something on HIS birthday! right?!? Not happening. So, I made him promise me to not even say the word 'Valentine 'on February14th, because that was going to be HIS day. :)

So, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day the weekend before. It was great! We started off the day exchanging our gifts that we had made each other, (we promised each other we would each only spend MAX $10 on a handmade gift to each other) I decided to make him a countdown banner of the days until we get married. On each flag of the banner, I wrote something that I am excited for when we are married! Here is a sneak peak of what they looked like......

After I gave Ryan the banner I had made him, he started smiling and handed me my present. He had made me a countdown flip calendar for the days until we get married! HA! We had both made each other pretty much the same thing.....I guess we both must be a little excited to get married ;) On each page of the calendar that he made me, he had written a memory of us. It was easily the best present i've ever gotten!! I LOVE reading a memory each day. SO cute. I really think from now on, we should make each other something cheap and thoughtful for Valentine's day....those are the best kinds of presents anyways right?? Oh, and I made him PROMISE to not get me flowers. I am more of the kind of girl who likes flowers on random days....any day but the expected
Valentine's Day. :)

Then we got couples massages....mmmmmm.......We were in heaven! Definitely could get used to that.

Then we headed up to Sundance to the Tree Room where we had a $14 scallop-- Yes, that is singular... We couldn't stop laughing because we just paid $14 dollars for one tiny scallop. Atleast give us TWO, right?! come on......But atleast the steak and elk were yummy and worth the money....I think. ;) 
Ryan happened to snag a Groupon for the Tree Room, so that is why we were fancy just this one time.
 It was fun!

Sunday was our friend Anthony's (Wang's) birthday, so I decided to put together a little surprise birthday party for him and Ryan, since his birthday was a couple days later. It was a lot of fun! And a lot of people showed up.
I should seriously be a cake decorator....awesome, right?........

Then on Monday night, Ryan took me to see Matt Kearney in concert. It was so much fun! He came down in to the crowd and walked right by us while he was singing.

I wanted to make Ryan's Birthday special because let's be honest, I am sure he hasn't had the best birthdays in the past with it being on Valentine's Day. Ellie and I made him breakfast in the morning before he went to school, then I gave him his gifts----I may have spoiled him a little....but I just LOVE birthdays, okay??

Each gift had a small tag on it:

"Something for your closet" - and I got him a shirt
"Something for our future home" - and I got him this cute print
"Something for your feet, in case they get cold ;) pun." -- and I got him some matching dress socks....I don't think he owns one pair of matching socks. ha

"Something for your flexibility" - I got him a gift card to 3B Yoga to get some sweet Lulu Lemon gear.
"Something for Tonight"-- and I got him a little Cheese-tasting notebook-- (we love trying new exotic cheeses and always talk about getting a notebook to write down the different kinds of cheeses that we try)
"Something for your office"- I got him  a frame with pics of me, him and Ellie in it
"Something to eat" - his favorite candy bar
"Something for your ears" -- I bought us The Civil Wars tickets!!
"Something for the both of us" - 2 movie tickets (hopefully for Star Wars 3D because that looks aaawwweessooomme.
"Something for March 30th" - (we have Jazz tickets that night) So I got him an old school John Stockton Jersey

After he got off work, I took him up to the cottage and surprised him with a platter of different cheeses and bread with some bubbly :) It was so yummy! Then I made him dinner and we watched Lord of the Rings (HECK YES!)

It was a great weekend.
Thanks for being born, Ryan! xoxo


  1. you two are so stinkin cute! I love all the nearly-newly-wed stuff. :) You're not at all excited about "the date" are ya!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ryan!! We are sure glad you were born. Can't wait for you guys :)