Thursday, February 16, 2012

MY side of the story....

Ryan and I have a pretty sweet story, folks.
And I thought it would be fun to share it with those of you who don't know how we became such a RAD couple. ;)

But Ryan jokes that our versions are very different. Every time I tell people how we met, he stops me and tells them the "real" story.
So, I told him to write down "his" version of our story and I would write down mine.

Here is our story through my eyes: make sure to read his side in the next post after this one...

The first memory I have of Ryan was when he came over to my house in the 8th grade with some friends. The guys started boxing with some gloves that we had and started wrestling each other while the girls sat and rolled their eyes. The next thing I knew, Ryan had jumped on his friend’s back as a joke, and his friend backed up into our basement wall, which caused a hole in the wall from Ryan's butt! I started panicking about what my parents would say about the hole, so I slowly made my way upstairs to tell my mom. She started laughing! I was relieved to find that my parents didn't care. My brother Dan was in the room when I told her, and he said, "I have the best idea". As all of my friends moved to the backyard to play, Dan thought it would be funny to scare Ryan. (keep in mind that Ryan had never met Dan so he wouldn't have known that he was my brother) So Dan, who had a beard and long hair, took off his shirt, grabbed his shotgun, and walked outside. I was inside of the house with my mom and we were watching all of this happen through the window, laughing so hard. haha

He walked out and said in a threatening voice, "Who's the dead man that put the hole in the wall?!"

I seriously think Ryan peed.his.pants.........

hahahaha I still remember his face and how terrified he was! I came outside and told him that Dan was my brother and he was actually really nice....and wasn't going to shoot him....and that it was all just a joke. I think Ryan was mortified after that experience.
By the way….that imprint of Ryan’s butt is still in my wall after all these years…..

In 9th grade, Ryan and his guy friends and me & my girlfriends all became very close friends. We did everything together! Longboarded to Harmons every day, jumped off our roof onto the tramp, and made funny videos at the park. After I "went out" with one of Ryan's best friends for a few weeks, Ryan and I started crushing on each other. Before we knew it, we had our first kiss in my basement! I was his first kiss and he was mine. :) Everyone say it, AWWWWWWWWWW.

Yes, I found the journal entry from back in 9th grade when we first started liking each other!

 Ryan still has his shoes from 9th grade where we doodled on them together in class :)

Ryan was the FUNNIEST kid in junior high, and I think most people would agree with me! Him & his friends wore these ugly jumpsuits every friday and had "turtle neck Tuesday" and did funny, crazy stuff ALL the time. Both Ry & I got "best dressed" together in 9th grade in the yearbook, and "best smile" together in 7th grade.--before we even knew each other! So that was kind of fun.

Ry & I "went out" for about a year, then in the fall of our sophmore year, I broke up with him.. I am not really sure why.... But after the breakup, I rarely saw Ryan in high school, and our friends sort of went our separate ways. I started dating someone else and so did he. But one time during our senior year, the old gang got together and all went bowling. Ry and I took some pics in the photo booth that we still have .

After high school, I only saw Ry a couple of times. Then he served an LDS mission, while a lot was happening in my life. I had gotten pregnant with Ellie and got married. When I got word of his mission homecoming, I went to it with my friend Whitney.
During this time, I had gotten a divorce from my ex husband, and was living the single mommy life with Ellie.

Since seeing Ryan at his homecoming,we saw each other once in the halls at UVU in the Spring of 2011, then he wrote me a message on Facebook. He just wanted to see how I was doing and what I was up to in life, and we caught up for a little bit, then that was it. Then he messaged me later that year in August, telling me that we should get the old group together and go boating! I said, HECK YES! So we planned a day and went out on the lake with our old group of friends. It was SO much fun! I still didn't really think much of Ryan more than a friend, just because I thought he was still dating his old girlfriend. But shortly after we went boating, he wanted to plan a playdate with his little sisters and me & Ellie. I was still oblivious, I guess....haha I still didn't think much of it! So we took the girlies to the park and it was a blast.

About a week later, Ryan asked me on our first date. I guess by then, I finally caught on that he was a little interested....ha So, I said yes! And the date was perfect....I don't think I have ever laughed that hard in my life! And Ryan was so easy to talk to. I remember thinking that I have never had better conversation with anyone else before. Later that night, we kissed. :) It was the best. ever.

I want to share a special story about another date that we went on shortly after our first.
One night, we went on the Sundance chair lift at night during the full moon. We were cuddling up to each other and we somehow got on the topic of my mother. Then it became silent for a moment, and he said, “Did you ever get flowers on your porch back in the day?”

Then it hit me. I instantly became overwhelmed with tears and my heart swelled up in my chest. It immediately hit me that Ryan was the one who had left anonymous flowers on my porch every June 3rd all throughout high school. June 3rd is the anniversary of when my mother passed away. I always wondered who left them on my porch for those few years, but never found out.
I started crying on the chair lift and said, “that was you?.... of course that was you.” I cried for a good few minutes after that…..I couldn’t believe that he was the one who did that.
It was at that moment that I knew that I was in love with Ryan and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He has always had a deep love and concern for me, even throughout the years when we were disconnected. He remembered that date after all those years……. I can’t explain to you how much that meant to me that he did that.

Ryan and I have hung out pretty much every day since our first date, and it has been complete BLISS! I still can't believe that I am marrying my junior high love.... It couldn't be more perfect. :)

I am so grateful for Ryan in my life and for the person that he is. I know that everything happened for a reason, because we both probably wouldn't have appreciated each other as much if we hadn't had gone through what we did before we started hanging out again. I am grateful for knowing him for such a long time, and knowing the kind of person that he is and always has been, so that I don't have any doubts that he would do anything to hurt me. He is the most kind, respectful, thoughtful, loyal person that I know. And he is AMAZING with little Ellie. Not to mention, the best looking!! How did I get so lucky?!?!

Read "HIS side of the story" HERE


  1. This is the sweetest story.
    And, the part about the flowers? Amazing.
    You guys sound like you were made for each other.

  2. Um, you know PDub? You have a cuter love story than her. I think you should write it, publish it, sell it and make millions. Then retire with your hubby and Ellie on a beach in the caribbean and live happily ever after forever. So cute! Congrats again! :)

  3. I don't even cry and this made me bawl. soooooo adore!

  4. i dont even cry and this made me bawl. so adore!

  5. I almost wanted to cry! what a beautiful story you two have (both sides) congratulations again on your engagement cutest story of the year :)

  6. I am at work and I started crying reading about him leaving you flowers.. Michelle, that is so very sweet. I am so happy you are marrying your jr. high love too :) the absolute best wishes to the both of you. xoxo

  7. This is THE cutest dang thing ever! How cool you guys have known each other for so long and the flower thing is pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever heard. So happy for you!

  8. That might just be the sweetest story ever!

  9. the flowers on your mom's passing are insane. that thing alone says SO much about his character. wow.

    i am a HUGE fan of Junior high lovers....I think it's the best! Marriott & I met in 7th grade health class, and the rest is history (and a good one) :)

  10. .....okay i'm sitting on my bed in the middle of the day with tea and chocolate, stubled upon this post and the tears had to come. I am so happy for the both of you! You are one lucky girl Michelle, but he is also the luckiest guy! aaahhhh i just love it, all of it!

  11. ......i am soooo happy for the two of you
    (yes, tears from the flowers) You and Ryan. just perfection.
    Love the Both of you!

  12. Love these, what an amazing story. Can't wait for Thursday, I'm sure it can't come fast enough :-)

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  14. Okay I have got to stop stalking your blog but seriously I started tearing up about the flowers on your porch! This is the best love story. I am a single mom and there is nothing more attractive than a guy who loves your child like his own!

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