Thursday, February 16, 2012

HIS side of the story....

****Make sure you read "My side of the story" before you read his side of the story....*****

Ok blog people, I’ve never really blogged so I’m going to have to ask you to bear with me on this. Also, I think you should know before I begin, that I am really going to have a hard time keeping this short, so I apologize.

I am glad I have this opportunity to let everybody hear my side (aka the true side) of the story. Anybody who knows Michelle, knows that her memory is not necessarily… well it’s just not that good. This may get a little pathetic on my part at points, so buckle up people. Here it goes.

It all started in the 9th grade when we began hanging out. We could probably jump back to the one time I went to her house in the 8th grade when I accidently put a hole in her wall with my buttocks, which resulted in a shotgun and a shirtless, bearded Daniel, but I have tried to forget that particular moment, so we won’t. I remember liking Michelle, but before I was able to confess my crush to my guy friends (kind of a big deal) one of my best friends, Kenny, beat me to the punch! That was it. Too late. So I had to keep my mouth shut and watch Kenny and Michelle “go out” for several months. I still have a vivid memory of Kenny and Michelle having a tickle fight on my front lawn. I forced myself to laugh and act like I was having a good time, when really I was pained with jealousy. What do you do when one of your best friends is with the girl of your fancy?! I did what any good friend would do. I waited until about a week after they broke up.

Believe it or not, Michelle was my very first kiss! I would like to say it was in some romantic spot, or riding bareback on a horse in the rain, but truthfully we were in her basement, underneath a bean bag. It was still magical though.

We were together for about a year, which is a pretty big deal in the 9th and 10th grade, or at least it was for me. Unfortunately for me, moving from junior high to high school brought more options dating-wise. I suddenly didn’t look so good compared to all the juniors and seniors who, of course, were interested in my Michelle. To say the least, I got the boot. Truthfully, I took it kind of hard. Maybe a little too hard. About a year after Michelle broke up with me I was sitting at my house, surfing the web, when a pop-up came on the computer, inviting me to enter a poem to be published. Bored, and apparently a little depressed (remember this was a year later), I decided to write a poem that pretty much sums up, in an extremely “emo” perspective, how I was still secretly in love with Michelle. Though the thought of me ever writing such a poem causes me to cringe, I will lower myself even more into the depths of humility and share what no man or woman should ever have to read. It is titled, The Scar That Bleeds…. And no, I’m not joking.

The Scar That Bleeds

An old wound heals, but is it for good
A scar that occasionally bleeds.
On the outside it’s healed, but on the inside it’s cut,
It’s cut but nobody sees.
They say that a cut can heal within time,
But it just traps all the pain inside.
It leaves a mark for all to see
As it tries so hard to hide,
The open gash, the agony that’s caused,
The way I used to feel.
The others think that the hurt is gone
But only I know what is real.

Remember how I warned you at the beginning that it would get pretty pathetic? Umm… yeah. Thankfully I didn’t share the poem with anybody, let alone tell anyone that it was about Michelle, until we got back together. I still wonder why I said anything.

I didn’t really see or talk to Michelle much for about 7 years. We had both gone our separate ways, and it wasn’t until last year that we reconnected.

I served a mission in Mexico and while I was there found out that Michelle was married and had a little girl (which happens to be the sweetest little girl in the world!) so I figured that ship had long sailed.

Now, this next part I’m about to share is very special to me, and it’s hard for me to communicate clearly the gravity of the experience. Let me just say that there are happenings in this life that are mere chance. I believe that. But I also believe that some things are more than just luck. There was some force, greater than myself, pushing me towards Michelle.

Several times in the past year and a half I have been on Facebook and stumbled across Michelle's Facebook page. It sounds so crazy, but I would literally feel my heart move inside my chest. I say that because it was such a strong feeling that it seemed more physical than emotional. It’s so hard for me to explain. That is the only way I can think of to describe it. Anyway, I would seriously have an internal battle with myself because I just felt crazy! I hadn’t really talked to Michelle in years! She broke up with me in the 10th grade and I felt like I still had feelings for her?! I felt like I was that weirdy that all the girls talk about at the hair salon. Oddly enough though, I had that same strong feeling and that same internal battle several times over the months. I mostly tried to ignore it.

One day I was at school and I saw Michelle in the halls. I saw it as an opportunity to shoot her a little message on Facebook and casually start up a long-lost interaction. She wrote me back. I wrote her back. Nothin. She totally neglected to write me back! Any and all confidence I had was shot. That was in February. By July my confidence was somewhat replenished and I decided to have another go. She wrote me back. This time I realized that I would have to act fast, so I immediately suggested we get our 9th grade group of friends together for a little reunion and go boating. I didn’t have the guts to ask her out and needed a more casual setting to feel things out.

I hadn’t told any of my friends about my long-harbored crush, but it only took the 5-minute car ride to the lake for them to realize that I had feelings for Michelle. I couldn’t help but be flirty and obvious. I have never played anything cool in my life. Luckily, Michelle was oblivious.

After boating I casually let Michelle know that I was going to be babysitting my little sisters over the next couple of weeks and suggested we do a play-date with the girls. Anyone else would obviously see my ulterior motives, but Michelle was, once again, oblivious to my efforts.
Yes, I finally built up the courage to ask her out, and since then you will rarely find us apart. I still can’t believe she said yes to marrying me. I consider myself the luckiest man in the world! She brings out the best in me and I have never been happier! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my two girls!


  1. aww this is adorable!!! you two are really meant to be together! :)

  2. ryan, we have never met but i am so glad we got to hear both sides of the story :) this was such a cute idea. michelle keeps saying how lucky she is to have you and i can tell you feel just the same about her. i dont know if you know this, but she is adored by many.. glad you both have each other now. congrats on everything!

  3. um... I teared up. Not lying. This is the sweetest thing ever and somehow the boys always have the cuter side of the story hahah. I love it so much.

  4. I'm just crying in my room. I feel extremely lucky to know the both of you! I've never heard of two people who are more right for each other than you both. Love you guys.

  5. That is adorable, can I just say that!!! You guys are so lucky to have gotten back together! :)

  6. A lovely story :)x

  7. The Scar That Bleeds is finally healed!

  8. This. You. Her. Adorable!! Congrats on finding your person again!!
    PS ~ loved the poem.