Monday, January 9, 2012

Our week in Cabo!

We had a blast in Mexico with the Cope family! It was Ellie's first time out of the country, AND her first time to a beach! She slowly warmed up to the beach, and ended up loving playing in the sand. Going in the ocean--not so much :) But she became a little fishy in the swimming pool! We are excited to get that girl in some swim lessons.

The view from the backyard. Perfection!

Ellie swimming with Bella. She loved the pool!

The view from the upstairs balcony. ahhhh I wanted to stay in Mexico forever!

Ellie made sand "cakes" rather than sand castles. ha

Ellie and Momma enjoying the beach and warm weather!

Ryan's sister, Noelle got baptized while we were down there! It was a beautiful baptism and we were lucky to be a part of it.

Me and my soon-to-be hubby!!

My two loves....

Sunsets were stunning

We had a blast! We feel so blessed to have the Cope's in our lives. Ellie loves the girls, boys, and Mimi & Papa. :) We didn't want to come home to the cold weather.....but the second we did, Ellie was excited to put on her hat & gloves and go outside.
Home Sweet Home.

P.S.   59 days, 1 hour, 30 minutes till I get married!! but who's counting?..


  1. Michelle.. the picture of you & ryan & ellie walking away on the beach is.. amazing!! And the picture of ryan holding miss ellie. You are so tan.. I am jealous!! Glad to hear you guys had a blast.. Im really excited for your wedding!!

  2. So dreamy! I'm glad you could get away :)

  3. LOVE IT ALL! Especially the last one of Ellie... so cute!!