Monday, January 16, 2012

My weekend in pictures! - D.C. Style

My dad, Ryan & I took a quick trip back east to Virginia to go to my brother Russell and his new wife, Jana's 2nd wedding reception. Jana is from Virginia, so it was fun hanging out with her family and getting to know them better. I was so happy that Ryan came out with us-- he sure was the life of the party! Jana's family loved him....they kept asking me why I ever broke his heart in the 9th grade. ;)

It was freeeeeezing in D.C.---to say the least-- but we managed to make it to some memorials.
Here we are at the Vietnam memorial. Me, Ry, Russ, and Jana

Me & my babe at the Lincoln memorial--

An attempt to take a heel-click pic. Didn't work out too well..... ha

I love this man!

We stopped by Georgetown for a few hours....and I may have found my dream place to live. Seriously, this place is TOO CUTE! I almost started crying when I saw all the amazing shopping stores in adorable little houses. Ryan was teasing me for almost shedding a tear when I saw an Anthropologie in a cute little blue house. hahaha I definitely was in my element.

Lee loved all of the old (and new & expensive;) cars that were in Georgetown!

One of my favorite stops: the famous Georgetown Cupcake! The cutest little bakery. A picture outside of the shop was enough for me, because I didn't want to wait in the line that was all the way down the street, just to get a pricey little cupcake. I thought about it for a second though......... ;)

We visited the beautiful D.C. temple. It is one of my favorite temples in the country! I love the architecture.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. like seriously, i couldn't be more happy for you... xoxo Vanessa :)

  2. Wow, I want a copy of that picture of Dad by the Citro├źn, so great! Glad you guys had a blast

  3. Hey you too are just too dang cute! I can't take it...I am so glad you're getting married.