Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY Glitter Magazine Christmas Trees

Can you believe it?! I am FINALLY getting around to crafting again! I haven't done anything crafty since the summer....School has been completely consuming me. But I remember seeing this tutorial last year on how to make Martha Stewart's Magazine Christmas Trees, and I made it a goal to make them for this Christmas.
Goal met. woot. If only I could do that with my fitness goal.....

All you need is:
-a magazine or book (you choose the size)
-Spray adhesive
-or glitter spray adhesive (all in one can)

Fold the magazine like the tutorial shows, then you can either spray adhesive all over the tree, then sprinkle glitter over it. (make sure to do this outside because it's messy!) Or, most craft stores sell a glitter adhesive spray that you could use too. I decided that I wanted my glitter to be bolder than the glitter that was in the video tutorial, so I bought glitter that wasn't so fine, that had bigger specks, if that makes sense. And I love how it turned out! I also like the more fine glitter, because then you see more of the magazine paper. It just depends on the look you want. But I wanted to make mine the most sparkly that I could get them! :)

I made some extra trees to add some holiday spice to the office too!

Watch a video tutorial on how to make them here.


  1. These are super cute! I may have to steal this idea sometime! Xo. Nicole -

  2. these are adorable & look soooo chic on your dresser! Way to get crafty amidts all the Finals.

  3. thanks for sharing!!! I did some too (: