Friday, December 30, 2011

my Christmas weekend

Christmas weekend was great! Once the stressful, last-minute-running-around ended, Ryan and I settled down at the Cope's for Christmas Eve.

Here are the handsome Cope boys in their matching pjs, helping out with Christmas eve dinner. Steak and Crab--YUM. They don't mess around! (ps. they don't look like brothers at ALL...)

                                        Sleepy-eyed morning pic of me and my babe!

Ellie got cute pj's that matched the girls- She had so much fun finding all the fruit snacks and suckers in her stocking from Santa!

Ellie got her first pet! A fish named "Fishy" (Ellie named it) She diligently feeds her every morning:)

Ellie was hilarious this Christmas. She was very serious when she was opening her presents, and she kept making her "mad face". I think it resembles Blue Steel. ha

Ellie got a play kitchen from her Aunt and Uncle, and she loves to make mommy ice cream cones!

My first Christmas with Ryan was amazing! He made it so special, and I am so grateful for him.

He made me a magnetic photo board with pictures from us in junior high, as well as recent pictures of us- it was the best gift Ever!!

This week has been very exciting for the Duncan Family. We welcomed a new sister-in-law, Jana to our family! I can't believe my twin brother got hitched! So happy for them.

Ellie smelling "Princess Jana's" flowers

my bff

Cousins Cody and Ellie are always so cute together!

loooong day for my two loves -

And some other exciting Duncan that my brother and sister-in-law Gina are having their first baby, and it's a girl!!! We couldn't be happier for them.

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family, and future family. I am grateful for this holiday season and for all that I have. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and hope you have a safe, Happy New Year!!
I am off to Cabo with Ellie and the Copes--
Adios Amigos!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! I am still recovering from all the hussle and bussle of the holiday weekend, so I will post pictures of the big day later this week. Until then, I will share some pics of the soon-to-be-Mr.& Mrs. Cope at our Christmas Carousal party. There is nothing better than being cheesy with your man in killer Christmas attire.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Now that I am done with finals, (WOOO!) I can finally start thinking about wedding plans.
 I can't WAIT to be married to the man of my dreams!

Just some ideas from my wedding Pinterest board:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finals week

I will be buried in my textbooks this weekend to study for my upcoming finals.
And I may or may not come out alive....... Wish me luck.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY Glitter Magazine Christmas Trees

Can you believe it?! I am FINALLY getting around to crafting again! I haven't done anything crafty since the summer....School has been completely consuming me. But I remember seeing this tutorial last year on how to make Martha Stewart's Magazine Christmas Trees, and I made it a goal to make them for this Christmas.
Goal met. woot. If only I could do that with my fitness goal.....

All you need is:
-a magazine or book (you choose the size)
-Spray adhesive
-or glitter spray adhesive (all in one can)

Fold the magazine like the tutorial shows, then you can either spray adhesive all over the tree, then sprinkle glitter over it. (make sure to do this outside because it's messy!) Or, most craft stores sell a glitter adhesive spray that you could use too. I decided that I wanted my glitter to be bolder than the glitter that was in the video tutorial, so I bought glitter that wasn't so fine, that had bigger specks, if that makes sense. And I love how it turned out! I also like the more fine glitter, because then you see more of the magazine paper. It just depends on the look you want. But I wanted to make mine the most sparkly that I could get them! :)

I made some extra trees to add some holiday spice to the office too!

Watch a video tutorial on how to make them here.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Christmas wish list

 Me and my expensive taste like to dream about the christmas list that I would have if I could....
A girl can dream, right? ;)
Anything faux fur! Vest, jacket, blanket... I'm obsessed!

These sparkly bow flats

This rose gold watch

Leopard printed Hobo wallet? Goodness gracious.

Black Frye Boots. Sigh...

This Kate Spade Leopard iPhone case

A night away from the baby to see This movie

This sequin skirt....and maybe an invitation to a holiday party so that I have an excuse to wear it??
This whole outfit from Madewell.....and everything else from that store, for that matter.

This Marc Jacobs bag
 Or This Alexander Wang Black Rocco bag. mmmmm....

What's on your Christmas list??

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lindsey's Look Book

My bestie Lindsey just started her own fashion blog and it is thheeeee best! She gives fashion tips & advice and she recently did a post about wedding dresses to help me find the perfect dress!
Head on over to Lindsey's Look Book and give her some love!--

Lindsey herself. Isn't she gorgeous?
Check out her blog HERE