Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Thanksgiving weekend in pictures

Hope you all had a fabulous and feastful Thanksgiving weekend! Ellie & I spent ours with the Cope family up in Salt Lake. We had so much fun swimming at the hotel, eating the best pepper steak i've ever had at Market Street, riding the "Wonka elevator" at the Library, going to the Discovery museum, looking at all the lights at Temple Square, and finishing the night off with a horse carriage ride around downtown. What a long list! We are definitely spoiled by the Copes!!

                                                                    riding the wonka elevator

                                                    Ryan teaching Ellie some spanish:)

                                                                         cuddle sesh

                                                                Discovery Museum

                                                                 Temple Square..
                                             umm is this not the cutest picture ever?

                                                           I love my cute lil family:)


  1. That last picture warms my heart!!!

  2. seriously?? you three make the CUTEST family!! I am so incredibly happy for you!

  3. you 3 make such a cute family! So happy for you all!